Terrazzo nail design is one of the most trending and fun 2021 nails, as per Vogue. The good thing about this nail art design is that creating it is almost effortless. The design resembles chips of marble and glass; therefore, you need to pick a few of your favorite colors to paint those marbles on nails. Below we have shared some fantastic Terrazzo nails to try this summer.

1. Strawberry Leopard Nails

This strawberry-mint pastel color will go with any summer dress. Use black, mint, and french pink to create dots on the middle finger and come up with a look that’s absolutely chic.

pink skittle nails with leopard nail art

2. Colorful Swirl Nails

For this design, you need to apply a nude base. Then, take three to four different nail paints to create marble dots in a swirl. Do not forget to top it off with a gel coat!

snake nail art on neutral nails

3. Nude Tile and Terrazzo Nail Design

If you don’t want to go overboard with your nails this summer, try this nude tile design. Just take black, white, blue, and orange nail paints draw random dots only on two fingers.

terrazzo nails on nude base

4. Funky French Nails

Keep your nails funky yet straightforward with this Terrazzo nail art design. You need white color to create the french mani, and just two to three colors to make cute marble dots design on it.

artistic french tips

5. The Classic French Line

For this classic french nail design, you need to apply a nude base coat and add a gold line under the tip of the french manicure. Finish it off with a transparent topcoat.

colorful french tips on short almond nails

6. Gold Foil Terrazzo Nails

Pick only two shades of nail paints to create this gold foil nail look. You only need to apply a nude base coat and add the gold foil on each nail for shimmering and glitzy nails.

gold flakes nail art with almond shape

7. Ice Lolly Nails

When it comes to summer nail designs, ice lolly is a great idea. Pick pastel nail colors and draw Terrazzo’s design on the french tips. Add a tinge of gold in the center of each nail.

gold nails with almond shape

8. Color Black Terrazzo Nails

Embrace the color block Terrazzo look with this pastel combination. Create a geometric pattern with different colors and shapes.

french and abstract mani on coffin nails

9. Spring Vibes on Nail Art

Keep your nails trendy with this simple spring look. This nail art will look incredibly gorgeous on the almond-shaped nails.

terrazzo nails with almond shape

10. Natural Marble Design

Choose three to four colors of your choice and paint your nails with them in small random shapes. Then, use an ombre brush to make small white and black dots in between the marble design.

marble nail art on short nails

11. Neon Terrazzo Nail Design

Apply the base polish with a nude undertone and top it off with a neon colors graphite design. This nail art design will give a perfect summer colorful vibe.

complicated nail art with colorful dots

12. Dripping Marble Print

Start by applying a base coat to your nails. You can now take white nail paint and, with the help of an earbud or a nail dotting tool, create a dripping effect. Now, fill in the white area with a colorful design.

abstract paint nail art on short nails

13. White Marble Design

This nail design is minimal; you will need to apply only a white base coat and draw different marble shapes. Your nails will look beautiful and will go with any outfit.

summer nails with white base and colorful dots

14. Abstract Nails

Get party-ready with this pastel color design and add a bit of gold to make your nails look stylish. Then, top them with a finishing coat.

terrazzo nails on nude base

15. Sage Terrazzo Nail Design

Draw the sage green Terrazzo design on two fingers and coat other nails with full green color. It will add an exquisite look!

pastel green nails for summmer

16. Pastel Marble Effect

Here’s a perfect design for long nails. Use the gold lining to divide the area into different parts. Fill one part with white french mani and the other with pastel-colored dots.

abstract nails with gold

17. Daisy Terrazzo Nails

With floral designs on the lunula, this nail art will give you the perfect summer vibes. Above the lunula, create a graphite design with three vibrant colors and top it off with a base coat.

daisy nail art on short nails

18. Pastel Terrazzo Nails Design

Here is a minimal yet elegant nail design. It will suit all the nail types; you only need a base coat and few pastel nail colors. Additionally, add a few dots of gold foil to make the nails look fashionable.

pastel pink nail design on short nails

19. Blue Marine Terrazzo Nails

Create this subtle blue and purple Terrazzo nail design within a few minutes. The beige base will go with every outfit, and those colorful marble designs on top will let the nails stand out.

color splash nail art on short nails

20. Gold Flecked Summer Nails

Make your nails look beautiful with this gold-flecked marble nail design. You only need to apply a pink nude base coat and add three different dots in random shapes with gold flakes on top.

gold flakes on earth tones nail design

21. Keep It Simple with Terrazzo Nails

If you don’t like vibrant nail art, then this idea is for you. First, apply peach and sage green nail paint on the nails. Then, make colorful dots only on the ring finger.

skitlle manicure with pastel colors

22. Marshmallow Terrazzo

You can satisfy your sweet cravings with this marshmallow terrazzo nail design which is easy to recreate. Apply a white base coat first, and then use brown and yellow to add a chocolate chip effect on the top.

short pastel nails

23. Neutral Marble Like Terrazzo Nails

This light and delicate beige color is paired with three to four pastel colors making a perfect marble design.

color splash manicure on short almond nails

24. Splatter Nail Design

Prep your nails first with a pink nude base coat, then take three to four colors of your choice. Now, with the help of a brush, splatter the colors one by one on your nails and seal it with a topcoat.

color splash nail art on short summer nails

25. Nail Art with Terrazzo Tile Effect

This Terrazzo nail design will look best during spring and summer when soft nudes and colorful tile design are of the moment.

color splash nail art on short nails

26. Terrazzo Nails with Aesthetic Colored Design

Opt for this aesthetic-colored Terrazzo design this summer, which looks elegant on all nail shapes. Try to make marbles with soft colors to make them look subtle.

terrazzo nail design on short manicure
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