Blue nail paint comes in various ranges and colors but baby blue is the most demanding color. Baby blue can be trending in both summer and spring but can opt for a whole year due to its fine coverage. Choosing a way for its application is always a question. Scroll down to see how can you apply baby blue nail paint to enhance your nails. The best designs cover every nail shape.

1. Baby Blue Nails with Abstract Design

Summer is about wearing light and pastel colors. Baby blue and pink with creamy patches go best for your coffin nails.

abstract nail design with baby blue color

2. Oreo Mist on Coffin Nails

If you are looking for light and crunchy abstract nails, go for the oreo mist. Baby blue covers black more precisely than any other color. Some black brush strokes are amazing nail art idea.

brush strokes nail art

3. Black Leaves on Coffin Nails

The beautiful patches of baby pink and blue along with black leaves contrasts best on square nails. Ombre nails fit best in light colors.

negative leaves nail art with pastel colors

4. Baby Blue Ombre Nails

A great mix of light blue with light pink and the fusion of white is a great idea to celebrate through abstract nails.

almond nail shape with baby blue ombre nail art
square nail shape with baby blue ombre nail art

5. Light Pastel Baby Blue Nails

Summer demands fresh and light colors. Simple, elegant and easy designs always attract people. This look is easy and quick to apply at home or everywhere.

coffin shaped nail with pastel blue
beautiful baby blue nails

6. Blue Glitter Spark on Square Nails

When it comes to set yourself for parties and hangouts, glamour is the need. Chase this beauty with a simple, elegant and royal appearance for your acrylic nails.

square shape nails with blue glitters
square nail shape with glittery nail art

7. Faces Nail Art on Coffin Nails

You can beautify your abstract nails with a thin pemcil brush. Moreover, blue nail base will enhance the appearance with black pencil shapes.

coffin shaped nails with minimalist faces nail art

8. Blue Ocean Waves Nail Art

Make your summer refreshing by creating a beach view on nails. Baby blue waves in contrast with white give the best coverage.

waves nail art on almond shaped nails
ocean waves nail art with pastel colors

9. Abstract Swirls on Almond Nails

Modern nails are always sophisticated. Make fine blue swirls in a combination of light and dark. The blue color is always defining!

abstract swirls on almond nail shape
abstract swirls on oval nails

10. Queen Almond Nails

Apart from the simple blue range, steel blue is always on priority. The attachment of queen style crown embellished with white stones is mesmerizing and bold.

almond shaped baby blue nails with swarowski studs

11. Single Flower Nails

Baby blue is a fresh and soothing color for every nail type. However, pointing a ring finger with amazing creativity in the form of baby blue flowers or some other character will enhance its look.

baby blue nails
flower nail art with pastel colors
square nail shape with flowers

12. Baby Blue Glitter Nails

Baby blue is best even for winter due to its icing appearance and for summer due to its light and comfy reflection on the eyes. However, glittering with the same color and white spark design will move it to another world.

glittery baby blue nails with square shape

13. Small Baby Blue Abstract Nail Art

Baby blue covers friendly with a nude base. Drip baby blue polish around a corner or sides and see the magic on nails.

short abstract nail design

14. Black Beauty on Blue Nails

Instead of applying the same polish on all fingernails, choose a different color especially a nude base. Choose your shapes and draw with black color. Stars, hearts and dots give the best coverage.

minimalist heart short nail design

15. Pastel Mountain style on Square Nails

Choose baby pink and blue range and makes swatches of three colors. Sprinkle tiny dots of black color. A unique and amazing style for upcoming events.

abstract nail art with square shape

16. Baby Blue French Tips

Modern French tips always have cool ideas. You can play with simple French tips in a couple of ways. Embellish square tip with dotted flower boundary. Creamy flowers with baby blue polish give an amazing idea!

french tips with daisies nail art

17. Marble Design and Baby Blue Polish

To show up your ring finger, make it look more interesting with a marble design. This beige marble design with baby blue will leave a positive impact on others.

white marble nail art

18. Baby Blue Smoke and Gold Flakes

Give your oval nails a smoky appearance with baby blue smoke. To embellish its look add up the little chunks of gold flakes.

baby blue ambre nails with gold flakes

19. Diagonal Contrasts

Baby blue naturally heals nude base while looks funky with other acrylics. Make a diagonal border with gold glitter. This is an amazing design for long nails!

coffin nails with side tips

20. Gold Print Nails

Keep the nails simple in baby blue and manage gold flowers over them. Sophisticated, elegant and cool design for an everyday look!

baby blue nails with gold flowers
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