Acrylic nails are best known for their rock-solid durability and added length, both of which offer some fantastic eye-catching nail art. If you are not sure what you want apart from a solid coat of color, allow us to give you a hand. Below you will find 28 fantastic acrylic nails design ideas that are assured to turn heads no matter the occasion or season. Whether you are looking for a Kylie Jenner nail design or some lowkey, subtle choices, we guarantee you’ll find something you love. Before that let’s see what exactly acrylic nails are!

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are a blend of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer mixed to form a paste, which is fixed to the natural nail and given the required shape. The best thing about these nails is they do not need any lamp to cure, as the product hardens when caught by the air. Acrylic nails will last six to eight weeks, with a fill demanded around every two to three weeks, depending on the growth of your nails.

Why Should You Choose Acrylic Nails?

Below are a few of the merits of Acrylic nails:

  • Acrylic nails are resistant and prevent nail cracking
  • Protects natural nails from damaging effects of nail enamels
  • They are more durable and last longer
  • Acrylic nails can be given any length, shape, and decoration

1. Pink Neutral Acrylic Manicure

Soft pink acrylic nails with a french tip is a classy and comfortable manicure suited for the subtle change and slowing down of seasons.

pink acrylics

2. Abstract Design on Almond Nails

These abstract, wavy lines are a great idea for another set of acrylics. The black nail color on the tips of almond nails will exaggerate the natural curve of your nail.

white swirls on almond shaped acrylics

3. Cute Butterfliess on Baby Pink Acrylic Nails

Get this beautiful design by using iridescent confetti decorations on the tips of your acrylic nails. Don’t forget to add gorgeous butterflies on accent fingers. Keep the nail tips squared for a glossy look.

butterfly sticker nail art on coffin shaped acrylics

4. Skittles Pastel Nails

Just because you need acrylic nails doesn’t mean you need to go for something extra. This skittles mani on short acrylic nails is just a random collection of different pastel colors that will make you smile.

pastel skittles on stiletto shaped acrylics

5. Nude Nails with Yin Yang

This nail design is perfect for those who love to keep things minimalistic. Apply nude base color on your acrylic nails and create a tiny yin yang sign on the middle and ring fingers.

yin yang nail art ideas

6. Matte Olive Coffin Nails Design

If you’re searching for a simple and glam coffin nails mani, this matte olive nail art will be a classic choice. It is perfect for all seasons and will look chic with every outfit.

military green acrylic nails

7. White Floral Manicure

If you want your manicure to look gorgeous yet minimal, try this nail art design with dainty florals and solid white polish on the acrylic coffin nails.

white flower acrylic set

8. Colorful Side French Manicure

Colorful nails are ideal for every day. Short acrylic nails are perfect for mixing with a French manicure but must go for a colorful one this time. It will absolutely look flawless in summer.

colorful side french manicure

9. Blue and White Wavy Nail Design

Try this 2021 trendy nail art design on your acrylic nails. These blue and white waves on a soft pink base are an excellent option to ensure that grow-out will go overlooked.

blue swirls on acrylic nails

10. Cow Print Pink Nails

If you are yet to try this cow print nail trend, now is your chance to flaunt this manicure. Paint your ring finger with cow print and the rest with the pink nail color. It will look chic with every outfit.

acrylic nails after 2 weeks growth

11. Blush Daisies Design on Short Acrylic Nails

If you are a fan of nude nail art, this blush pink and white floral design is a magnificent manicure to wear all season long on your acrylic nails.

daisy nail art inspo on acrylics

12. Pink Starburst Short Acrylic Nails

A glam everyday acrylic beauty that deserves all the praise is pink, square, glitter short nails. When going for this nail design, make sure to file your edges to maintain your lengths.

short acrylic nails

13. Shades of Pink

Why limit yourself to just one hue of pink when you may have a variety? This gorgeous aesthetic is best obtained using multiple shades of pink. Give a fun twist by adding a flower symbol on the middle finger.

shades of pink acrylic nails

14. Soft Pink Ombre Coffin Nails

The current take on French manicures is soft pink ombre nails. Bring this acrylic masterpiece as inspiration if you want to try out the look. It looks classic yet straightforward on coffin nails.

milky acrylic nail set

15. Mismatch French Manicure

This is a very funky and playful mismatch nail design that you can try out this year. Make your nails even cooler by choosing different neon colors on each hand.

colorful french side tips on acrylics

16. Angled French Short Acrylic Nails

Try an angled French manicure using yellow and white shade for an elegant take. You can use the guide strips for crisp, clean lines. This nail art will look elegant on short nails.

angled french manicure on short acrylic nails

17. Leaves Inspired Nail Art

You don’t require different colors to make your nails stand out. These naked nail beds with black leaves in the center showcase the nail art design beautifully.

nude acrylic nails

18. Ice Cream Swirls Nail Design

This nail design will give you the charming nostalgic vibes of an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor. You can almost smell the vanilla bean floating through the air. This swirl nail art will look beautiful on all nail shapes.

colorful swirls on square shaped acrylics

19. Autumn Blaze Glitter Nails

Florals may be synonymous with spring, but if you select burnt oranges, dusty gold, and silver, they can pair well for autumn too. The autumn leaves will add a more gleaming look to this design.

almond shaped acrylics with autumn colors

20. Chrome Mint Nails with Coffin Shape

This acrylic nail design is the perfect balance between sophisticated and chic—the silver stilettos and shimmer on the middle and accent fingers creating a cheerful look.

coffin shaped acrylic nails

21. Personalized Acrylic Nail Design

Nail art is also a way to express yourself. To give your coffin nails a unique look, apply a nude base coat and design a letter on the nails of accent fingers.

nude acrylic nail set

22. Crystal Peachy Vices on Acrylic Nails

Glitter and Peach nail color perfectly complement each other. On the index finger, use crystals by creating a line between the nail’s base coat and peach section. Apply glitters on the rest of the nails and add crystals on the nail cuticle of the ring finger.

acrylic nail design with studs

23. Pink Flamingo Nail Art

These nails are sweet and elegant and blooming lovable too. A simple flamingo on the index finger over a pastel backdrop with a ‘LOVE’ design letter is a perfect way to display your coffin nails.

love acrylic set

24. A Little Bit of Glitter With White Color

Nothing expresses the life of the party like these white and glittering nails. Apply a white transcendent nail shade on each nail and add gold glitters on the accent fingers.

gold glitter nails with coffin shape

25. Pastel French Tips With Hint of Black Dots

A sweet color palette is made less sugary by playful designs in a variety of pastel tones. This pastel French manicure is perfect for carrying this season with your summer outfits.

matte french manicure with short nails

26. Matte Black Acrylic Nails With Silver Glitter

Matte nail designs look outstanding especially matte black coffin nails; when paired with silver glitters, they add more elegance to nail art design.

glitter tips on acrylic nails

27. Baby Blue Acrylic Nails

These baby blue nails look much more stunning, thanks to the negative spacing along with each swoop. If you try this design, your nails will look fresh and whimsical.

abstract nail art on acrylics

28. Summer Turquoise Nails

Spice up your summer manicure with these turquoise acrylic nails. Set all your nails generously with a clear coat and balm for quick party nails.

acrylic extensions with baby blue nail polish
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