The best way to show your spooky spirit on Halloween is with an awesome costume, lots of wild hairstyles, and face makeup that will make everyone turn their heads in awe. If you’re looking for even more ways to honor this fun-loving holiday season, then check out these 30 cool ideas for Halloween nails that will spice up your nail art game.

From bats to pumpkins, these nail designs will be sure to get you excited for the season. Whether you are jazzed up as a witch or an angel, these Halloween nails are a great way to show off your creativity on your fingers and toes. Happy Haunting Everyone!

1. Ghosts and Pumpkins Halloween Acrylic Nails

These Halloween nail designs are perfect if you want something spooky. The pumpkin on your accent nails will make them look great.

pumpkin and casper ghost nail art

2. Ghosts Nail Art on Nude Base

Nudes are always in style, and they can be made even more festive by adding some ghostly touches. You can get small, detailed doodles on nails or stickers for the holidays.

halloween nails with spooky ghost design

3. Halloween Witch Vibe Gel Nails

Bats on your nails are a good accessory if you want to be a witch, warlock, or wizard. It is sexy and witchy at the same time. You can also have moons and stars on your nails.

halloween nail art on gel nails

4. Super Cute Halloween Mummy Nails

You’ll look adorable in a cutesy outfit this Halloween with these mummy nails on a matte black base. These fun and furry nails are sure not to go unnoticed.

mummy nail art for halloween

5. Orange and Glitter Bat Nail Art for Halloween

The perfect nails for your next party are just around the corner, and they’re even chicer than you imagined. For something simple yet elegant, try these orange-glitter bat styles.

pumpkin orange nail color

6. Spider Nail Art Design

A spiderweb with pink and black nails looks modern, not cheesy. You can easily add spiders to your nail game, as showcased in this design, for a unique look that sure catches everyone’s eye.

black spider web nail art on short nails

7. Plaid Ghost Halloween Matte Nails

With this plaid nail art design, you can make your Halloween nails really stand out. A ghost peeks out on one hand while matte black looks stunning on another.

spooky casper nail art

8. Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

The nightmare before Christmas is a Halloween tradition. Gothic and ghoulish, these nails designs have a touch of evil and will be sure to keep any demons away.

spooky nails with black snake

9. Adorable Halloween Nails

This nail design is spooky and detailed. There are bats, pumpkins, moons, ghosts, and stars. You don’t need to wear anything extra special because this design is already fancy.

cute halloween nails with ghost and bat design

10. Wicked Nun Halloween Gel Nails

The more creepy it is, the better. The combination of demonic nun faces, skeletons, and blood splatters onto your nails will give people shivers.

wicked nun nail art for halloween

11. Pumpkin Nails On Nude Matte Base

These are perfect Halloween nails for those who like to be caught. The spooky pumpkins are so cute, and they’ll make your hands look like an adorable little pumpkin patch.

pumpkin nail art on short nails

12. Skittle Nails for Halloween

Get creative with your nails and go all in for a different design on each finger. From spider webs to scary skeletons, there are endless possibilities to brighten your nails.

halloween nails 2021

13. Spooky Nails with French Mani

These almond-shaped nails are topped off with little orange french tips that form adorable ghosts with smiley faces. This world may be too cute for these babies.

pumpkin orange french tips with casper nail art

14. Glammed Halloween Gel Nails

This is a beautiful Halloween nail art with rose gold and silver shimmer. The spiderweb looks real. It can also be for people who like simple designs but want to feel like they are adding in details.

glittery chic halloween nail design

15. Gold Chrome Spider Web Nails

With elegant gold chrome nails and a rosy tint, these delicate spider web hands will make you feel like this is your best self.

gold chrome spider web nail art

16. Fabulous Boo Nail Design

The stunning boo nail art design on this nude pink base is a must-have. The little details, like stars and ghosts, will have you coming back for more.

cute casper ghost nail art on short nails

17. Perfect Fall Acrylic Nails

For the ultimate Halloween nail art, try this chic nail design that’s perfect for a spooky ensemble. With orange french nails topped off from webs and spider illustrations, your halloween manicure will be one-of-a-kind for Halloween night.

halloween nail art with pumpkin orange color

18. Classic Orange Tips

Classic orange french tips and starry night-themed nails will make an excellent match for those who want to go all out with their costumes.

spooky nails for october with pumpkin orange french tips–/

19. Pink Spiders

A simple and cute Halloween nails design that is sure to delight your friends this year. You’ll need two things, soft pink polish and a bunch of stickers to make them easy.

pink spider web nail art

20. Pretty Pumpkin Nails With A Hint Of Shimmer

You can’t go wrong in spooktacular nail fashion this season with shimmery pumpkin nails. This not-so-scary manicure will work for you well beyond Halloween and into Thanksgiving festivities.

pumpkin nail art on short nails

21. French Ghost Halloween Nails

A witchy manicure for any occasion, the French mani is back. Give it an update with black tips on one hand and brown on the other to make your digits look ghostly cute.

cute casper ghost nail art

22. Blood-Smeared Nail Art for Halloween

You can make your nails look spooky for Halloween with just white tips and some fake blood. The look is sure to turn heads, especially if you add ghost faces on the middle fingers.

scream nail art with bloody nail design

23. Black Tip Abstract Nails

You don’t have to be proficient to get the most out of this October. The black French tips with accents and dots are perfect for those who want a casual Halloween look.

simple black halloween nail design

24. Neon Spooky Gel Nails

Neon nail art and the hint of glitter will make your fingers stand out. Give each finger a different look for a stunning effect.

spooky halloween nails

25. Delicate Halloween Square Nails

This is a cute set of nails with delicate ghost details. They come in different colors, including pumpkin and moon, respectively, on each finger for an even spookier look. Besides, the shimmer on the pinky fingers is delightful.

short nails with halloween manicure

26. Dripping Blood Halloween Nails

No one can resist a nail art design with skulls on it. They will make you feel like the devil. Also, the combination of matte black with a hint of shimmer on top looks outstanding,

scream nail art for halloween

27. Wicked Witch Manicure on Halloween

If you like witches more than ghosts and goblins, then this is the manicure for you. First, paint your nails with a beige matte polish, then add these witchy symbols to your fingers. And voila! You have a witch Halloween manicure.

halloween nail art with snake and crescent design

28. Bloody Eyeballs Nail Art for Halloween

Is there anything more creepy than having bloody eyeballs on your nails? The best part about this Halloween manicure is that you don’t need to work hard on your costume. Just let these nails do the talking.

bloody eye ball nail art for halloween

29. Spider And Cow Web Acrylic Nails

This is such a delicate Halloween nail design with subtle pink as its base. Use tiny brushes for this intricately detailed look that requires patience, but it’s worth every second.

spider web nail art for halloween
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