Pride month is all about love, celebration, resilience, and resistance. There are a million ways to honor and celebrate the occasion; however, one of the most fascinating is by including bold colors and rainbow that make up the LGBTQ + flag into your appearance. Besides, you can simply represent your character or show your support of others with some cute and fresh pride nails.

Furthermore, June is devoted to Gay Pride Month in many parts of the world, celebrating the LGBTQ community and their fight against unfairness and social ostracisation. In addition, many countries host month-long activities and initiatives that end in a joyful Gay Pride Parade. So, only for you, we’ve rounded up the best Pride nails design ideas that will brighten up your day. Make your screenshotting fingers ready, as there is a lot to pick from.

1. Rainbow Hearts for Everyone

Try out this rainbow heart pride nails to scatter love to all. The distinctiveness of this nail mani will put everyone in awe.

minimalist heart design manicure on short nails

2. Fascinating Rainbow Nail Design

This beige background rainbow design on almond nails looks easy yet beautiful. It includes all the rainbow flag colors, while the subtle base signifies many people’s soft yet chic personalities.

pride nails with almond shape

3. Mismatch Pride Nail Design

These mismatched rainbow polka dots are so elegant yet stylish. You can simply use a nude base coat and make a rainbow flag on one hand and polka dots on another—perfect nail mani for pride month and summer.

pride manicure with rainbow nail design

4. Rainbow Paint Drip Short Nails Mani

This manicure is a great way to show off your artistic side. Besides, it’s effortless to recreate; you only require 5 to 6 different colors to make the paint drip.

pride month nail design ideas

5. Beat of a Heart

Try these fashionable heartbeat pride nails. It looks impressive, especially on short nails. This design will need a little patience, but your nails will look gorgeous once you make it right.

heart beat design on short nails

6. Extra Love on Pride Nails

This nail design is for glitter-loving babies. If you want to intensify your regular rainbow design, try to write something regarding pride month on your nails.

love is love nail design

7. Subtle Rainbow Manicure

This softened rainbow manicure is a subtle and cute approach to pride nails. Combine and match itty-bitty stripes to really direct this vibe.

rainbow design on short almond nails

8. Multicolored Swirls Nail Mani

A rainbow can bring so much happiness. Instead of using the traditional shape of the rainbow, you can become a little creative by making swirls of it in various ways.

swirls nail deisgn with almond shape

9. Pride Art for Short Nails

This cute manicure is for those who have short nails. The simple, colorful stripes make this design easy to carry for every nail length. Give your nails extra shine by applying a topcoat

colorful french tips on short almond nails

10. Slanted Rainbow French Tips

It is a sophisticated pride manicure, which marks a fun twist on traditional French tips. This idea is your best bet for those who have been desired to give the slanted French nail trend a try.

short almond nails with colorful abstract french tips

11. Pride Tie-Dye French Manicure

Don’t shy away from a colorful pattern all over your nails. The Pride tie-dye French mani is all about glorifying one’s vibrant personality.

tie-dye nail art

12. Rainbow Ring Nail-Art

Make your pride nails stand out by making a rainbow ring on each nail. The beige background will make the whole design look pop.

minimalist rainbow ring nail art

13. Pride Nail Design with Cute Messages

If you need to convey your message to the world openly, try this nail design. This looks charming and shows your support seamlessly. Write LGBTQ or Pride on your nails.

pride letters manicure

14. Rainbow Swirls for Pride Nails

Unique, fun, and non-confirming are ways to express this pride manicure, including colors from the pride flag. Use pink color as a base and gradually paint those swirls on top with a fine nail polish brush.

pride swirls on short almond nails

15. Gay Flag with Accent Stone Nails

You can easily recreate this minimalist gay flag nail art for pride. Apply nude glitter base and use a thin nail brush to draw colorful stripes. Use silver stones on accent fingers to make the whole look fabulous.

short coffin nails with pride swirls

16. Colored French Tips for Pride Nails

This colored French mani may be a little difficult to recreate as it involves some hearts too, but it is quite satisfying to hold out until you can schedule an appointment with a proficient.

short acrylic nails with pride design

17. Glitter Waterfall Pride Nails

This super chic manicure involves rainbow colors gracefully. You need a few colors, glitter nail polish, a nail art brush, and little patience. Use a brush to apply various colors in a waterfall pattern.

short coffin nails

18. Elegant Rainbow Manicure

This elegant manicure with a nude base and different patterns on each nail is just as festive for pride. You’re admiring what makes you happy and proud, so your mani must reflect you.

thumb nail design with minimalist hearts

19. Checkered Design Idea for Pride Nails

These checkered nails are apt for pride month and look absolutely beautiful on gel nails. This nail mani required a steady hand and patience, but the outcome is worth the effort.

short coffin nails with pride month manicure

20. Rainbow Polka Dots on Pride Nails

For a more elusive pride nail art, try this rainbow polka dots manicure. Start with a beige base coat and create a line of colorful dots on each nail. It looks elegant on both short nails and long.

square nail shape with minimalist dots

21. Go With The Flow on Pride Nails

Give your nails a unique look with this soft but still sparkly rainbow manicure. It is a perfect short nail design that will complement any outfit.

rainbow abstract nail design

22. Multicolored Tips for Pride Nails

The best part about this Pride nail design is that they are a fantastic way to hide grow-out, especially when paired with a super-neutral base coat.

square nail shape with minimalist design

23. Classic Rainbow Nail Design

For the most classic yet flattering look, paint each nail with a different design pattern. The bold colors, glitter, and matte shades give this design a cool and sophisticated look.

coffin nail shape with colorful design

24. Beautiful Gay Flag Nails

This manicure is for all those who love minimalist designs. The gay flag on the center of each nail with the pink base coat is an ideal choice to flaunt your pride nails.

pride month manicure for short nails

25. Rainbow Nails with Evil Eyes for Pride

Rainbow and evil eyes are a perfect match in this cute nail mani for pride. It gives an enchanting, elegant, and contemporary look.

pride month nail design ideas

26. Ethereal Nail Design

This rainbow nail design looks adorable when matched with the cotton candy pink background and white stars for that extra shine.

pride swirls on short nails

27. Striped Rainbow Nails

This mani is so meticulously executed. The striped rainbow on the pink cotton candy background makes this design understated and subtle.

pastel nails with pride month manicure

28. Abstract Rainbow Design on Pride Nails

Try this manicure; it has a little bit of everything, the combination of rainbow colors with gold foil looks excellent. Apply the matte topcoat for a unique look.

short almond nails with abstract design

29. Colorful Rhinestone Pride Nails

This nail design for pride is just like a party on top of your coffin nails. Create this manicure with a combination of multicolored rhinestones and a striped rainbow with a neutral base coat. Besides, do not forget to keep your cuticles moisturized.

coffin nail shape with nude base