The world of nail art is vast and exciting since new trends are appearing all the time. One such trend that has been growing in popularity is abstract nails. The idea is to use a combination of colors, textures, shapes, and patterns to create a unique design on your fingers or toes. Let’s explore some ideas for how you can turn your nails into pieces of modern art!

1. Blue Leopard Rings

Blue leopard print abstract nails are great because they always look fresh- no matter the trend or current style!

leopard nail design on short square nails

2. Black & White Abstract Nails

To get this look start with a base coat and then add in the black acrylic paint. Add white as needed to give it that clean finish.

abstract nail art on short square nails

3. Turquoise Summer Abstract Nails

Summers call for fun and refreshing colors. Turquoise nails are an eye-catching way to sport your summer style with a pop of color.

turquoise nails with square shape

4. Pop of Pastel Summer Nails

Pastel nails spice up your manicure. These work wonders in the summer months! Combine pink and light blue to create a unique and fun design.

baby blue nails with easter eggs nail art

5. Hot Pink Nail Art

If you’re not a fan of light colors, go for bright pink! Hot pink has been at the top of many summer manicure lists this year, so it should be an easy choice.

gel nails with pink abstract design

6. All That Glitter is Gold

Gold is a great accent to summer nails. Add gold glitter as you paint your nails with pastel pink and yellow.

pastel yellow and pink nails with gold glitters

7. Gel Manicure Fall Nails

Abstract nails are perfect for the fall season. Gel manicures, in particular, can look great when done with an abstract design. Try out a pattern like dots to add some flair.

abstract nail art with short square shape

8. Green is Good

With a touch of peaceful white, this green nail is such a refreshing twist. This design is perfect with just about any makeup.

short acrylic nails with abstract nail art

9. Zebra Print Abstract Nails in Blue

The zebra print is one of the most popular types of abstract nails. It’s a great way to add transition if you’re new to nail designs but want something different.

gel manicure with ocean nail art

10. Red Cow Print Fall Nails

The red cow print is perfect for a cozy fall day. It is completed with a mix of blue, black, and white.

cow print nail art on short gel nails

11. Marble Abstract Nails with a Tinge of Gold

A beautiful marble design with a gold tinge! This is one of the more complex but still elegant abstract nails.

marble nail art on short acrylic nails with almond shape

12. Abstract Nail Art on White Base

Featuring orange and blue color on a white base, this design will look great on both short nails or long ones. Moreover, the colors will stand out even better against light skin tones.

painting nail art on short almond nails

13. Blue and Pink Abstract Nails

You can try the abstract nail art on acrylic nails with almond shape. This color combination will boost your mood every time you look at your hands.

poly gel manicure with almond shape

14. Watermelon Sugar High!

With a pop of yellow, this watermelon art is perfect for summer nails. It looks like a work of art and will have people wondering if you’re carrying any candy!

short nail design with abstract nail art

15. Go Bold or Go Home

The ring and middle finger feature stunning abstract art. Furthermore, the pop of red makes the whole look even bolder!

gel mani with swirls

16. Love for Mauve

The color of this nail polish is very pretty- but what really makes these nails stand out are the leopard prints on them!

cow print nail art on short acrylic nails

17. Abstract Nail Art for Fall Season

Featuring different art on each finger, this idea is perfect for fall nails. Additionally, the coral and yellow hues on a nude base make it look even more stunning!

african pattern abstract nail art on short stiletto nails

18. Sugar Rush Nail Art for Summers

These summer nails feature a stunning design that looks just like candy. It is perfect for giving your friends a sugar rush!

gel manicure with abstract nail art

19. Pastel Swirled Abstract Nails

One simple design to try if you’re looking for something less complicated is pastel swirled abstract nails. The best part about this look is that it requires only two nail polishes!

abstract swirls on short almond nails

20. Multicolor Matte Abstract Nails

Here is a simple and easy way to do your nails this summer! It features mint green, pastel pink, and a touch of white and tangerine.

abstract nail art with matte colors

21. The Perfect Summer Nails

With a nude pink base and a pop of bold colors, this is the perfect summer nail look. This design has an understated elegance that brings out any outfit.

colorful abstract nail art on short almond nails

22. Panda Abstract Nails for Autumn

How about trying white abstract art on one hand and black abstract art on the other? Well, we sure won’t mind!

black & white short almond nails

23. A Crace for Daisies

The craze for daisies is one of the top trends in nail art. So, if you want to recreate these flowers on your nails, here is a perfect idea.

daisy nail art on short almond nails

24. Abstract Nails Inspired by the 90’s

The 90s abstract nails trend is back! Add different shapes and patterns on a nude pink base, and you are good to go.

geometric shape nail art

25. Tangy Orange Fall Nails

These gorgeous tangy orange fall nails are the perfect way to enjoy pumpkin spice and apple picking season. The best part is that they’re so easy to do!

gel mani with matte nail polish

26. Pink Blush & Dots

Try this summer nails inspiration! This pink blush-dot design is perfect for the hot season. It’s a really feminine manicure that you can wear time and time again.

cow print nail art on natural nails

27. Lovely Lavender

Lavender is one of the most popular summer colors this year for nails, so here is a wonderful lavender nail idea!

purple short square nails

28. Mint Green Abstract Swirls

Mint green is a fresh and fun color, and when you take a closer look at the nail’s design, you will see an abstract swirl. How cute!

abstract swirls on short naills

29. Tempting Red Abstract Swirl Nails

How about some temptingly red swirl nails? It looks classy, and you can easily showcase the uniqueness.

red swirls on gel extensions

30. Evil Eye French Manicure

One cool nail art idea is the Evil Eye French Manicure. This design features a blue French manicure and helps ward off negative energy.

evil eye nail art on gel extensions
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