Nail art has grown fully-fledged in the fashion industry. No makeup is complete without nail shape and art. When it comes to the choice of colors, red nails are at the top of the list.

It is not necessary to always use pure red color, you can mix it with other colors and make your favorite tone a little bit lighter or darker. Here are a couple of great ideas that will break thousands of ideas in your mind. We have gathered beautiful nail art from Instagram for your red inspiration. Scroll down to explore ideas!

1. Bright Red Oval Nails

Simplicity is the best policy and it applies well on red nails. Simply apply red nail-polish, and with a thin brush, finely apply it around edges. The perfect look for every type!

gel red nails

You can apply it to every nail shape like almond, square or round nail shape.

red acrylic nails

2. Valentine Red Nails Beauty

Be your valentine and celebrate love with little hearts on square nails. Keeping the nails conjugated between hearts is an amazing idea to go for everything!

little hearts nail art on gel square nails

3. Glitter Eyes on Oval Nails

Making characters on nails is another level of showing creativity. Eyes with golden lining are a  perfect way to show off your red nails.

eye nail art on almond shaped nail

4. Short Pink-Red Nails

Gold flakes add shine and glamour to your simple nail look. A contrast of pink with red is an amazing idea to collaborate with beautiful colors.

short coffin nail with gold glitters

5. Short Water-Melon Nail Design

Nature has given us beautiful fruits that we can add to our lives. You can also design them on your nails in contrast. Add a refreshing touch to your short nail design.

short coffin nail with watermelon nail art

6. Baby Pink and Red Flower Nails

Brighten up your days with red flowers on your short nails. Lock these flowers inside a gel layer. This is an amazing and cute design for summer vibes.

acrylic nail with square shape

7. Pop Art On Short Nails

It’s not always necessary to use red as an entire nail paint. You can manage it on characters. Pop art is taking place of every design because of its uniqueness and simplicity. You must contrast it with light and dark so that it looks prominent and simple.

pop art lips nail art on acrylics

8. Cherry Almond Nails

Plant a tree of cherry and blossom in the love of your short nails. These cherries will make you and your day the centre of the show.

red almond nails with cherry nail art
cherry nail art on almond nails

You can create a new look with bigger cherries, half cherries or some portion of cherries and add glitter to sparkle their red look.

acrylic coffin nails

9. Red Drip Nails

Feel free to fall in love with nude and red color. Apply beads on tips that will enhance the look of your nails.

short gel nails
short gel extensions for nails

10. White Petals On Stiletto Nails

Love always exists between red and white. Here, the white petals and a pointed red french tip is showing off their love amazingly.

3d flower nail art on stiletto shape gel nails

11. Short Abstract Nails

Have you ever seen the petals in a bud? Make buds with two colors i.e pink and red. An amazing idea to cover short almond nails.

red abstract nails with almond shape

12. Red and Blue Glitter Nails

Spread the patches of blue and red glitters by keeping the other nails plain red. This looks great for festive nails.

short almond nails with terrazzo nail art

13. Short Marble Nail Design

Pinkish red with amazing watermark of red and little cracky structure. This design is a complete texture on its own.

marble design on short nails

14. BBQ Sauce Nails

Add up little spices to red and check the beautiful color of the sauce. Apply the same color on nails. This will enhance the appearance of nails by making skin brighter and clearer.

BBQ Red nail polish

15. Red Swirls Nail Art

Short nails cover space well. Pick up a thin brush and make irregular patterns along with contrasting colors like orange, pastel pink or blue.

almond shaped gel nails with abstract design
red abstract nails with almond shape

16. Black Heart and Short Red Nails

The beautiful addition of glittery pink in a combination with red is amazing. Painting black heart and the stretching lines will make you feel alive and fresh.

burgundy red nail polish

17. Red Crystal Nails

Short nail design is easy to adopt. Just paint it plain red and paste triangular shape crystal on it.

short red nails with studs

18. Minimal Short Nail Design

When it comes to red nail art, it´s not necessary to always use pure red. Here, a little bit darker shade with black lining is at its peak of uniqueness and simplicity. Minimal designs are always best!

red gel nails with almond shape

19. Dyed Red Nails

Make a gradient of black with red and blend them from the bottom of the nails. A mystic lava of colors seems to bursts. This is an amazing design to go for!

red ombre nail art

20. Red Leaf Nails

Choose your favorite tree branch and copy that on nails with your favorite exciting colors like red and white. Keep the other nails plain to mark the difference.

short coffin nails

21. Printed Red Nails

You can choose your favorite animal skin for this purpose like cow, leopard or tortoise.

marbling nail art on acrylics

22. Short Oval French Tip Nails

If you feel hectic to go for a manicure, adopt this beautiful french tip nail art. The simple oval tip will make your day simple, easy and refreshing with red juicy color.

colorful french tips