When we talk about the gorgeous nail arts, the first thing that comes to our mind is the gel nails that keep our fingertips dazzling for weeks. Not only are they long-lasting, but gel manicures offer a plethora of options for transforming your nails from common to absolutely enchanting. Below we have shared 32 gel nail ideas that your fingertips need to sneak the show, but before that, let’s see what exactly gel nails are!

What are Gel Nails?

Gel manicure is a type of nail service that uses hard gel on natural nails. It requires a UV or LED light to lock the gel nail paint onto your nails. Gel nails are more durable and stay chip-free for 3-4 weeks.

Why Should You Choose Gel Nails?

Most gel nails are known to be hypoallergenic, so you do not have to worry about any allergic reactions. Gel nails are lightweight and robust, also adds a layer of protection to your nails, preventing them from breaking.

What Are The Benefits of Gel Nails?

Some of the benefits of opting for gel nails are:

  • They dry instantly
  • Gel nail has an odorless application
  • It has an easy and quick removal process
  • Gel nails give a natural look.

1. Dazzling Milky Pink Gel Nails

Sometimes a minimal design can have a better effect than the ones which are overly done with many components. These beautiful milky pink nails are perfect for carrying every day.

pink almond nails

2. Lunula Gel Nail Design

Nothing looks trendy like this brown nudes half-moon design. The different shades of brown color against the natural nails are the perfect gel manicure for summer.

moon nail art with latte colors

3. Green Swirls on Nude Base

This luxe nail art design looks extremely elegant on the nude base. You only need a small detail brush and different green colors to create swirls. Top it off with a base coat.

green swirls nail art

4. Floral Almond Nails

If you are into sophisticated design, these alluring floral almond nails will be a perfect fit for you. Also, you can pick different nail colors to draw beautiful flowers which look genuinely fantastic.

floral nail art on almond shaped gel nails

5. Frosted Pink Abstract Nail Art

Fun is definitely on the skyline with these frosted pink nails. This abstract nail design with a pop of neon colors will look absolutely chic this season.

abstract nail art with almond shape

6. Colorful Dot Edges on Gel Nails

If you are looking to incorporate color into a neutral base, this design is your way to go. Use different vibrant colors and carefully dotted them around each edge.

rainbow dots nail art

7. Emerald Blue with Hint of Gold Foil

Emerald blue and gold foil always look trendy and is a party-perfect manicure. For a stylish look, pick blue and white and create a marble effect on each nail’s lower and upper half. Now, line the bottom with gold foil.

marble nail art with gold foils

8. Pink with A Kiss of Glitter

Pink nails are a classically dreamy look that is appropriate for any occasion—the addition of glittering silver on top adding a touch of drama to this manicure.

glittery pink gel nails

9. Orange French Tips on Gel Nails

The French mani always look fresh and stylish. So instead of traditional white tips, try something fun, apply bright colors like an orange on the ends.

orange french tips nail design

10. Gold Chrome Rings on Gel Nails

Chrome nails are a new trend that looks quite popular. On a matte nude base, you can add extra shine against the nude by creating a gold chrome ring to the center of your fingers.

Chrome rings on matte gel nails

11. Different Shades of Pink Nail Art

The pretty pink hues create a timeless, subtle look. These gel nails have an elegance to them. To achieve a fancier look, you can even add crystals on top.

skittle pink gel nails

12. Pink Evil Eye Nail Design

Play with shades of pink by applying a pink nude base on nails. Choose a bright pink color to create a French mani. Now, draw an evil eye on one nail of both hands. This design is simple to do and looks voguish.

evil eye nail art

13. Shimmering Nails with Flower Effect

This white ombre nail design is perfect for a day out and to sip on a handmade latte. This creamy mani is not only eye-catching but also looks beautiful on coffin-shaped nails.

bridal gel nails design

14. Pride Swirls Nail Art

Try this rainbow swirl manicure for a subtle Pride nail design. Just apply a base coat and create colorful swirls. It looks cute on both short and long nails.

short nail design with swirls

15. Flamingo Pink Gel Nails

Isn’t just looking at these pink flamingo nails is calming? The best thing is they are easy to recreate and look fantastic on all skin tones.

pink square nails

16. Pastels with Gold Foil on Gel Nails

If you are looking for something subtle and easy, then you will love this soft pastel design with a hint of gold foil on it. It will be great to carry in summer and spring.

square shaped nails with abstract nail art

17. Beautiful Lilac Gel Nails

Try this easy lilac nail art design for gel nails and feel the amount of positive energy that comes your way.

pastel lilac colored square nails

18. Funky Fresh Wavy Nails

This funky nail design is ideal for those who love more playful looks. Give the tips of your French mani a wavy swoop with some hints of white flower on top.

floral nail design on coffin shaped nails

19. Pastel Grid Garden

With this gel nail design, you can turn your nails into a lovely grid garden. The pastel lines of yellow, blue, and pink making them extra alluring. Add tiny flowers in between the grids to complete the entire design.

minimalist nail art

20. Minimal Abstract Nail Art

If you are into minimalist nail art, show your love for this abstract nail art with nails that spell it out.

short almond abstract nails

21. Wavy French Tips on Gel Nails

Cover the tips of your French mani with wavy pastel colors to amp up the cool factor. Top it off with a base coat for that extra shine.

abstract french tips nail design

22. Colorful Summer Gel Nail Vibes

Are you looking for fresh summer nails? Try this interesting French nail art by painting each nail with a different color. This design has a tiny bit of everything.

gel nails with side tips

23. Cow Print Inspired Design

Cow print is in these days, and it is time to update your nails. The neon orange color on almond nails is really taking this gel nail design to another level.

neon cow print nail design

24. Pink and Orange Ombre Nails

Try this lively ombre look on your gel nails this summer. From the poolside to the beach, your pink and orange ombre nails with a slight glitter will add a delightful touch to your trips.

ombre nail design

25. White Pearls Coffin-Shaped Nails

White pearl gel nails are what you need for a more glamorous look. This is a simple yet alluring manicure that will elevate your coffin-shaped nails.

white chrome coffin shaped nails

26. Picasso Red Nail Design

The Picasso gel nails look striking when applied to only some fingertips. It will work great with both natural and bold color bases. For a unique look, apply red nail color to your ring finger.

abstract face nail art with gel

27. Gold and Nude

Gold and nude are two colors that look great together. This nail art is bold and will make any outfit stand out. But it is also fancy enough to wear to a formal event.

gold swirls nail design

28. Minimal Pride Nail Art

If you don’t like going overboard with your gel nails, keep it minimal with this pride-inspired nail design. Pick different colors and make a straight line in the center for a flawless design.

pride nail design with gel

29. Ocean Waves

With this blue wave design, you can channel your inner ocean lover. Create the waves by combining the pastel blue shade with a nude base, and it will amplify your nails.

abstract gel nails with almond shape

30. Orange Nails with Glitter

Glitter nails are a year-round thing, so combine the orange nail color with a dash of sparkle on the middle and ring finger to add a little drama to a simple design.

glittery gel nails with almond shape

31. Elegant Ombre French

Try these tropical vibes bright french tips. This design is suitable for those who can not take too much vibrant color all at once. Instead, apply a base coat, and create a French mani with an orange color to create a trendy statement.

ombre french tips on short almond nails
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