Nail trends are constantly changing. Burgundy fall nails have been super popular over the past few months, and now it’s time to change things up. The dark shade of burgundy nail polish can be used to create a chic sense, perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for something standard French manicure or trendy ombre design, the right color will bring out your best in whatever event you choose. So, if you’re looking for new, stylish nail designs, we’ve got just the thing for you. Scroll down below to view a few of our favorite burgundy fall nails designs that will be hit in 2021.

1. Glimmering Red Wine Nails

These sparkling, burgundy nails are perfect for the fall season. Thes rounded square-tipped nails look so dainty and charming. Besides, the dark polish looks like a modern take on an old classic.

glittery burgundy gel nails

2. Almond Burgundy Fall Nails With Shimer

These nails are perfect for a fun night out. You can also add some shimmer on the accent fingers if you want them to stand out. Besides, a cute tiny heart in white looks elegant on the middle finger.

gel almond nails with bordeaux color

3. Burgundy Curved French Tips

The latest trend in French tips is crazy cool. By using two contrasting colors, especially a nude base with dark tips, you’ll be able to nail the style.

burgundy french tips on nude nails with square shape

4. Deep Red Glossy Burgundy Fall Nails

Glossy Red nails are a perfect way to show your love for the fall season. Whether you’re wearing something casual or dressing up, this nail mani will be guaranteed to make heads turn in awe.

Coffin shaped acrylic nails

5. Burgundy Fall Nails With Leaf And Gold Details

Burgundy nails are the perfect way to get into fall. The black leaf and gold details add a touch of elegance that enhances any outfit.

leaf nail art on fall nails

6. Burgundy Fun

This dark red and colorful polka dot-painted design brings on the Christmastime cheer in a super sophisticated way. The best thing, it will go with any outfit and nail shape.

abstract nail art with polka dots for autumn

7. Maroon Holo Nail Design

Maroon and burgundy are both trending shades, but with the addition of holographic glitter for extra sparkle, these short nails are looking perfect.

matte and glossy manicure on short nails

8. Starry Night In Contrast With Matte Pink

These shiny dark red nails are the definition of luxurious. Star decals on a matte pink nude base make them even more festive and chic.

gel almond nails for fall

9. Nude and Burgundy Fall Nails With Rhinestone

You deserve a luxurious manicure that will make you feel like royalty. Treat yourself to this elegant blend of red wine, rose pink, and tiny rhinestone that will never disappoint.

nude and bordoeaux fall nails

10. Burgundy Marble Design With A Hint Of Gold Foil

The beautiful marble detail with a touch of gold foil on these glossy burgundy fingers just puts this look over the top with perfection.

marble swirls nail art

11. Plum Marble Nail Mani

The mix of sweet candy and chic marble in the deep plum creates a unique effect. Add just one accent nail to your simple manicure. It’s like sprinkles on the top of an already delicious cake.

gel nails with coffin shape

12.Feminine Bordeaux Fall Nails

This fall, go for purple on your nails instead of the traditional colors. It is a fun and vibrant color that stands out in this season. We assure you your nails will look glamorous with that extra hint of gold foil.

almond shaped gel nails with bordeoaux color

13. Burgundy Matte With Glitter

It’s clear that burgundy is a sultry color for the fall season. Don’t be afraid to make it really pop with some matte or textured polish and some holographic glitter.

matte nails with glittery burgundy nail polish

14. Near Black Burgundy Fall Nails

Is your manicure feeling a little too basic? No worries. A near-black sangria-colored manicure always steals the show.

burgundy acrylic nails with almond shape

15. Gel Wonder on Burgundy Fall Nails

Gel nail polish with this burgundy shade is just so perfect for the winter. If you’re looking to include some creativity in your manicure, try doing two nails on each hand in a nude color.

fall nails 2021

16. Coat It Gold

If you love gold and everything that shimmers, wear it on your glossy burgundy nails. These will look lovely with a black dress or light-colored clutch.

gold and burgundy fall nails design

17. Embellishment On Square Shaped Nails

Burgundy nails always look great on dressy occasions, but they’re even better when adorned with stones. Wear them over blush pink colored tops to make the color pop.

short nail designs with studs

18. Reverse French Burgundy Mani

If you want to make your nails pop, a reverse French manicure with burgundy tips is the perfect way to do it. With a pink powder base, this mani will look even more classy.

powder pink and burgundy fall nail design

19. Sparkling Diva

Love a bit of sparkle on your nails? This design is a perfect way to spruce up that plain manicure. Whether you want something subtle or bold, this nail design will cover it all.

gold foil nail art on short almond nails

20. Square It Up

If you’re looking for a nail color that is subtle yet glamorous, then this shade of glossy burgundy polish will be perfect. It’s not too loud and can work on any skin type or tone with the proper application.

coffin shaped acrylic nails for autumn

21.Matte And Plaid Burgundy Fall Nails

You’ll love this new nail trend that combines the classic beauty of a plaid design with an oxblood twist.

burberry plaid nail art

22. Sparkling Bordeaux Nails With Snowflakes

The rounded square-tipped nails with the sparkly Bordeaux polish are enough to capture everybody’s attention. The snowflake embellishment makes it perfect for a seasonal change.

snowflake nail art on short square nails

23. Abstract Fall Nails

Your manicure will pop and have a remarkable effect with these fall nails. You can make them more intense by adding gold foil or white lines to the design, so they’re not just another basic manicure.

gold abstract nail art for fall

24. Leaf Details On Nude Base

This is an excellent way to add some pretty fall colors. Paint two of your nails with leaves and cover them in the glossy top coat for an autumnal look that lasts.

autumn leaf nail art on short square nails

25. Marvelous Marble Manicure

Marble nails are lush. They look great with dark handbags or white fur coats and can be the most sophisticated nail color around. Marbled accent nails just put the whole thing over the top.

burgundy marble nails for fall

26. Christmas Star Accents

Get a festive manicure. You’ll be ready for the holidays in no time with these fantastic holiday nail art ideas by creating miniature stars and gold accents.

short almond nail design for autumn

27. Paint Droplets Nail Design

If you want a sleek, clean look this season, then paint those burgundy tones and just add a few droplets on one nail. It’s simple, but it looks fabulous.

nail polish splash nail art

28. Gold Snowflakes Nail Art

Splash some burgundy matte polish on your nails and cut them short. Add a few gold snowflakes to highlight the look for any occasion.

gold snowflake nail art on short burgundy nails

29. Shining Glittering Burgundy Fall Nails

Style your nails with some sparkles and beads on nude and burgundy nail beds. The prom is coming up, so this is perfect for a night to remember.

glittery french tips on coffin shaped fall nails

30. Velvet Red And Jam Nails

This vibrant shade of crimson looks a lot like jam, with just the right amount of shimmering sparkles to make you feel fabulous.

velvet red nails for fall

31. Pretty Plum Mani

This plum gel polish is so pretty. It looks great with any skin color and can be accessorized to make it look more stand out.

burgundy on short square nails

32. Wild Berry Marble Burgundy Fall Nails

This nail art combines an attractive, rosy burgundy with pink marble nails for good measure. You’ll be surprised to see how well these colors all go together. One nail is done in rhinestones to add an extra pop of color.

coffin shaped acrylic nails with burgundy marble design
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