Nail Art has always been fascinating and favorite activity to do. It is playing with colors and designs. Nail art has gained immense popularity from simple to complex short or long nail designs. In past, it was simply playing with colors and shapes but now, nail technicians have introduced crystal nail designs. Crystal nails have gained more popularity than other nail designs due to their royal look.

What are Crystal Nails?

Crystal nails are an advanced type of nails that come in every color. Their purpose is to enhance the beauty of nails. They can be in any specific shape whether triangular or pyramidal. Swarovski crystals are mostly used. They are not old but are the most common crystals that come in different shapes kite flat, diamond, pear flat and flame flat.

How to do Crystal Nails?

Crystal nails are easy to apply and style. Following are the steps for the application of crystal nails:

  1. Place a small amount of nail glue on the polished nails where you want to place the crystal. Another way is to simply apply a gel layer on the polished nail.
  2. Pick up the crystal with tweezers and place where you want to.
  3. Then apply base gel around the base of crystals to fix it. You can also use UV light to cure nails.

1. Crystal Pink Oval Nails

Transparency and delicacy is always a great idea to adopt for weddings and formal occasions. The embellishment with stylish stones is the best way to keep fashion with grace.

crystal nails inspo

2. Crystal Butterfly for Almond Nails

Every nail art is based on color contrasting. The combination of sea blue with nude pink in matte appearance is revealing the best natural look. However, for a crystallized look, you can decor it with glossy butterflies in blue and pink on ring fingers. It looks royal!

butterfly nail art with crystals

3. Emerging Short Crystal Nails

Just like you drop glitters in a glass full of water, they start popping out. You can also keep the glitters at the bottom of the nail bed and apply a gel over it. This looks amazing!

glittery nail art on baby pink nails

4. Queen Red Crystal Nails

Pure red is always favorite. If you are going to have weddings soon, this design is best for nails. Embellish it with blue and red crystal stones with a pure red base.

red nails with crystals

5. Short Milky White Nails

If you like messy and complicated nails, embellish your short nails with white milky acrylic paint and gather some silver pebbles on them. You can style your favorite fingers with stones!

milky white nails with crystals

6. Royal Blue Short Crystallized Nails

Make a duo of colors. Make one side of your nails embellished blue and keep the other side as a baby pink or nude pink. A royal appearance on your nails!

almond nails with royal blue color

You can also contrast between light and dark blue. This design is mesmerizing and attractive!

blue ombre nails
glittery crystal nail art

7. Pineapple Crystals with French Nails

You can make crystals unique in style when you set them in pineapple appearance. See the link below to explore this look!

crystal nails inspo

8. Elegant Square Nail Design

This design is a perfect example of ombre nails in a fusion of milky and pink. A tiny curve of crystals looks great with this contrast.

coffin shaped wedding nails

You can also make a ring on nails though!

pink crystal nails

9. Short Neon Pink and Crown Nails

Wear your nails a crown with bright pink color. Embellish nails with your favorite styled crystallised wearings.

square shaped ombre nails

10. White Sensational Short Nails

The love of white and silver is always trustworthy. Trust your short nail design in the same way by making a box print with silver lining and silver pebbles on other fingers.

short nail design ideas

11. Crystal Flames for Short Nails

Let the crystal flame emerge from transparency. However, the use of silver flakes enhances the greatness of design.

crystal leafs nail art

12. Multi-color Crystal Nails

The fashion of french tips is always on Trending No. 1. So, adopt this amazing style and style with spirally arranged crystals on the ring finger.

crystal swirls nail art

13. Smoky Pink Short Nail Design

Let your nails indulge in the smoke of pink. The short almond nail design is a lovely activity to do. Celebrate this pink fusion with smoke by using small crystals along with the nail shape.

stiletto shape ombre nails

14. Shiny Crystal Nail Design

Create a magic look of your short nails by applying a coating of shimmer or shiny nail paint by fusing two colors of your choice. Varnish your nail finger with crystal stones.

chrome nails

15. Imagination Nail Design

When it comes to imagination we always think over it. Name your nails “imaginative” by topping extra shimmer and glitter and overuse of crystals.

coffin shaped nails with glitters

16. Platinum Crystal Nails

Milky rose and platinum crystals are a perfect match for V-shaped nails and combinations.

pink glittery nails with coffin shape
coffin shaped crystal nails

17. Orange Nail Design

One way to dress up your nails is quickly applying your matching nail paint and put crystals curve along with the nail shape. An easy step you can avail everywhere!

orange nails with swarovski
swaroski nail art

18. Cloudy Crystal Short Nail Design

For short nail designs, crystal nails are the best choice. Instead of simple nail color, you can show some creativity by applying natural characters like clouds and stars. Make them shine by pasting crystal pearls.

star nail art with swarovski

19. Mint Nails Design

Mint is a sweet and natural color for summer days. It is mesmerizing to the eyes and gives a cooling effect. Application of some silver flakes can make it more worthy in addition to crystals.

ombre nails with coffin shape

20. White and Red Glam Nails

Be your own valentine with red crystal gel on your little finger. This combination is an amazing look for every function!

short nail design with square shape

21. White Glamour Crystal Nail Design

For wedding occasions, a white nail design is always preferred. White is a sign of peace and harmony. Adopt this beautiful design with pure white flower crystal!

3d flower nail art with crystals
french manicur with swarovski
summer nails with crystals

You can also use the shimmer effect on white and silver with crystals on long nails.

crystal nails with coffin shape

22. Matte Rose Short Nails

When you keep short nail design simple and matte, it looks adorable than before. However, the stamp of rose is an additional beauty to matte nails.

short wedding nails

23. Brown Beauty Crystal Nails

Plant the beauty of your nails in the soil of love nails. The look of shimmery green with green stone is an amazing gift to short nails.

short nail design with crystals
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