Gel manicure is the best way to treat yourself as they last longer than other nails if you play with them rightly. Gel nails range from simple to sophisticated designs using acrylics, crystals, glitter or any pattern design. Fall gel nails can be expressed in different ways depending on your occasion and mood. Here is a great collection of designs that will make your designs look enchanting and attractive. Following are ideas for gel nail designs that are enough to steal the show.

1. Nude Gel Nails

Fall nails don’t have to be messy and complicated. A simple fall shade or nude nail paint is enough to make your gel nail polished and attractive.

almond shaped gel manicure with mocha color
short nude nail design with swirls

You can also make a moon on a nail bed to enhance the look of nude gel nails.

coffin shaped gel mani with french tips on top

2. Bluish Green Fall Gel Nails

The beautiful saturation of blue and green blending to give emerald color. However, the little scratch design embeds in it is wonderful and lovely. This design goes best with traditional dresses.

blue marble design on gel nails
sage gel mani with gold foils

3. Combining Colors on Normal Nails

If you are confused between colors, choose colors that suit your skin tone. For example, black, silver, light pink and grey. This is the best way to show the sanctity of fall nails.

fall gel nails

4. Tiger Nails

Tiger is the symbol of strength and vigour. Mark your nail’s strength with a tiger pattern. The bright colored mustard nail paint reveals a wonderful feeling of fall nails.

tiger print nail design

5. Leopard Print Gel Nails

Another example of strength and vigour is a leopard. Put his beautiful skin pattern in black and gold patches on fall gel nails. This beautiful pattern shows best with white and short shirts.

leopard nail art for fall

You can also make patterns on the nail top or bottom.

leopard design on gel almond nails for autumn

Another way of expressing leopard print is in dripping mode.

animal print abstract nail art for autumn

6. Crystal Gel Nails

The beautiful selection of crystals with a light grey tone and a black lining on almond nails. It looks like jelly nails with crystals embedded on them. The perfect nails for grand parties.

fall gel nails with 3d nail art
black and glitter gel nails for fall

7. Mosaic Crystals Gel Nails

If you are bored with the traditional designs of patterns and simple nails, it’s time to get up and dress your nails accordingly. Likewise, crystal mosaic nails can be used in hundreds of ways. So, pick up different shaped crystals in multicolor and put them on gel nails. It’s a unique and quick way to get ready within 10 minutes.

mosaic nail art on almond shaped gel nails

8. French Tip Ideas for Fall Gel Nails

Bright colored nail tips are always fascinating and attractive. The simple way to carry gel nails is the application of nail paint on tips.

square shaped gel nails with fall orange french tips

You can also make a simple lining on almond nails at tips with a thin brush.

black french tips for autumn

9. Pastel Rainbow Gel Nails

No one can refuse the proposal of the mocha rainbow with a creamy blend when served with black seeds. This design is a perfect picture of the description.

short nail design with gel

10. Opaque Shade Gel Nails

The latest introduction of opaque shade design for gel nails is trending in manicures. However, these are applied with light pink or lighter shades on other fingers.

snake skin nail art on nude gel nails for autumn

11. Print On Gel Nails

Stamp your favorite pattern on nails. However, a gradient of colors will enhance the look of nails.

nude and white ombre nails

A whole printed nail design on matte color is an amazing idea to cover short almond nails.

print on gel manicure with ethnic design

You can also put crystals on pure red matte nails for formal parties or get-togethers.

red matte gel nails with studs

12. Rainbow Fall Gel Nails

Don´t restrict yourself to rainbow colors. Instead, use your favorite colors and make a thin color range on nail edges. It looks great on square nails!

rainbow side tips on short gel nails

13. Cardio Gold Gel Nails

Nails filled with gel and embed design is an eccentric idea to express fall nails. The use of wet glitter to make a beat design is amazing to express heart feelings.

wet glitter nail polish on gel nails

14. Diamond Gel Nails

Multiple patterns can also be made on nails using great tools for a manicure. Embellish your nails with a little black heart, sprinkle design or diamond print on nails.

minimalist fall nails with gel

15. Pure Fall Gel Nails

The creamy spread of gel over square nails is making it unique and beautiful. This is the perfect routine for office and college.

gellak nails for autumn with nude colors

16. Warm Gray Nail Shade

Using warm gray with a little precipitation makes it good looking and fantastic. Pick up a small brush and make leafy structures to embellish the welcome of fall and gel nails.

gold glitter on nude gel nails for fall

You may also repeat the same design on a creamy gel layer.

17. Minimal Butterfly Nail Design

Gel nails add never-ending shine to your nails. For minimal design, you can make a curve of butterflies flying on nail sides. This nude-pink is lavishing and eye-catching.

nude gel nails with minimalist nail art

You can also keep the nail minimal without using a living creature.

short gel nails

18. Flowers Made On Fall Gel Nails

Build a beautiful contrast of white daisies with light blue nail shades. The beautiful message is that fall is coming.

daisy nail art on fall gel nails

19. Dotted Fall Nail Design

Fall gel nails are simple and easy to do. The simple and accurate design of three dots in line is delicate and great for fall gel nail design.

matte gel nails with little black dots nail art

20. Zebra Animal Print On Fall Gel Nails

Make zoom in motion of zebra print on almond nail tips. This design works best on nude nail bases and formal parties.

zebra french tips

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