It’s a spooky season, and if you’re looking for the best nail art ideas to wrap your hands in Halloween this year, then look no further. These 34 Halloween nails designs are sure to make you want to paint your nails ASAP.

From spooky witches to creepy pumpkins, there are plenty of halloween nails options to choose from. So, get ready and check out these designs below to have a great time. You’ll be the talk of the town for sure.

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1. Spooky French Mani for Halloween

The black and white french tips with cute ghosts, scary pumpkins in pink or orange all pop out against an incredible contrast that will have you feeling spooky any time.

spooky nails ideas

2. Acrylic Nails for Halloween with Purple And Green Snake

The perfect 2021 Halloween nails are here. A purple color, the snake theme, and an aesthetic give off calmness in all of this magic around Halloween. These acrylic nails for halloween are amazing. It’s not hard to love these colors.

halloween nails ideas

3. Gel Nails for Halloween with Nude Base

If you’re not into the usual gel manicure, try alternating between pumpkin-orange and deep black bats with ghosts, spiders webs on a nude base. Add a small stud to the accent finger to make it more appealing.

short acrylic nails for halloween

4. Werewolf Pointed 2022 Halloween Nails

These acrylic nails for halloween are pointed sharp and have a spooky vibe. Start with a plain base coat. Then drizzle red nail polish on top to make it look like blood has spilled out of werewolf teeth.

3d acrylic nails with ballerina shape

5. Cute Nail Tips with Spiderweb and Ghosts

With their sparkling sorcery-inspired design, these halloween nails will make you feel like a witch on a dark and spooky night.

gel manicure for halloween

6. Pumpkin Pie Gel Nails for Halloween

You can never go incorrect with a pumpkin spice latte and these sensual nails. These orangey shades work for any time of year, so deck your digits out in fall or winter. This is the design idea if you have short nails for halloween.

short gel nails ideas for halloween

7. Glittering Gradient Nails with Bat

A glittering gradient is a perfect way to make any holiday feel like it’s come alive. The bat design and bony wings will take you from Halloween festivities into winter cheer. This halloween nail art is perfect for acrylic nails.

sticker set for acrylic manicure

8. Pink Burst Halloween Nails

If blood-thirsty nails aren’t exactly your cup of tea, these cute pink pumpkin decals with spider accents will be ideal. It is also a perfect short nail design for halloween.

pink halloween nails

9. Indigo Nails

This year, add a touch of elegance to your Halloween costume with these attractive indigo manicure designs. A seamless blend of black and purple makes up the ideal color palette to create spooky scenes. This halloween nail art is perfect for acrylic nails.

gel nails for halloween

10. Monster Mash Almond Nails

This year, make your own spooktacular nail design. Paint your nails in half with brown and black polish on top. Now create different decals that look like pumpkins or ghosts on each finger as desired. Just blend leopard nail art with spooky halloween creatures on your almond nails.

almond shaped acrylic nails with leopard pattern

11. Vampire Nail Art for Halloween

You’ll send chills down your spine with the clever use of both stiletto and square nails. A deep red shade will give it that effect like blood dripping from those fangs. Such an elegant halloween nail art you can DIY at home!

vampire blood nail art

12. Cute Spooky Halloween Nails

If you’re looking for a spooky-enough nail design, these cute claws with white and peach hues are perfect. The combination of matte nail polish with tiny detailing will leave anyone in awe with.

cute halloween design for short nails

13. Negative Space Nail Art

This one’s a winner. It has such an elegant, minimalist feel. The Halloween symbols on nails stand out against the negative space and make for excellent decorations on nearly all costumes.

nude nails with halloween design

14. Acrylic Coffin Nails for Halloween

The perfect nails for any lover of the macabre, these ultra-creepy designs are a combo of spider webs and splattered blood with an all-black spider design scheme.

spider web nail art

15. Short Nails Design for Halloween

These chilling 2021 Halloween nails are perfect for your next eerie party. With the blood-splattered effect and an extra ghostly touch to them, they are spooktacular.

scream nail art

16. Pink Halloween Nails

These colorful, neon-pink and glossy purple nails are studded with monsters, bats, and flames on long square nails. What’s not to love about this nail mani?

cute pink halloween nails

17. Shimmery Spider Web Nails for Halloween

This mani is fun to spruce up your hands this October. Paint each nail with different designs of stamping or painting on webbing, and voila! You’ll have some serious sparkle in no time at all.

spooky nail art with spider web

18. Beautiful Glittered Nails

If you want to show some extra magic into your life, this is the design for you. This nail art is great for Halloween parties because it can stand out or fit with any outfit seamlessly.

spider web nail art

19. Mickey Nail Art

Mickey and jack-o’lantern nails on a black french manicure are so cute that you don’t want to miss them. Who can resist these adorable little treats?

Disney Mickey nail art

20. 2022 Halloween Nails with Hint of Glitter

When it comes to Halloween, you can’t have scary nails without some webs. These web-inspired designs are perfect for the season. They’re incredibly gorgeous in black glass with a hint of glitter.

21. Disney Nail Art

The classic nails for all your cute costume needs, these Disney Halloween nails are just too adorable. You can add some blood splatter on the pinky and index finger to make them even more fun.

casper ghost nail art

22. Pink Gel Nails for October 2022

October is a month of celebration; whether it’s Breast Cancer awareness month or Hauntwtras Eve, this sassy pink design is best to represent both occasions.

pink short nail design ideas

23. Chrome Tips Nail Art

There’s something about a spider web that makes your nails look modern and chic. Spider-web-shaped chrome tips on a nude base personify this creepy design perfectly.

chrome nail art ideas

24. Gel Nails with Pumpkin Nail Art

If you’re not into nail art but still want to get into the spirit, go with a classic one like this. The glitters are subtle on the tips of nails and have that great fall feel without being overdone.

pumpkin orange nail art

25. Black Nails with Copper Glow And Jet

The perfect nail art for any occasion, these copper pumpkins are a must-have this fall. Pair them with the classic black polish, and your nails will look like autumnal glory.

copper colored coffin nails

26. Classic Halloween Nails

For people who love to make an entrance, these classic nails will do the trick. They’re perfect for spooky events like parties or galas where you need something eye-catching.

almond shaped acrylic nails for halloween

27. Chic Nail Art with Candy Corn

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween without the candy corn? These nails are definitely to make your friends scream in delight. Use a detail brush to create something scary on top.

indigo nails

28. Classy Monochrome Nail Art

This Halloween, get an eerie makeover with this monochrome set. Create a different design for each finger, from the ying-yang sign to scary stitches and more.

beautiful halloween nails

29. Witchy Nail Vibes for Halloween

The perfect mix for those who want to be witchy but not too much. The simple base is topped with superb illustrations of potions and other evil things with black and gold.

halloween nail art sticker set

30. Shimmery Purple Cauldron Nails

For a mani that is as delicate and ethereal as the floating ball of purple smoke, try this shimmery shade. It’s a perfect short nail design for those who love the classic yet modern look.

witch nail art for halloween

31. Nail Art with Gorgeous Shades of Purple

Sway your hands with the gorgeous shades of purple this Halloween. You can paint your nails differently for more color. Paint the middle nail black to make a scary picture.

indigo nails

32. Delicate 2022 Halloween Nails

This cool manicure features a fantastic minimalist design with intricate details like cobwebs, pumpkins, and skulls on close to bare fingertips.

halloween nail art on short nails

33. Scream Nails on French Mani

Get ready to scare people with these Mr. Ghostface nails. Add red nail art to french tips for a bloody look on the nails. Paint the middle finger with a screaming character.

scream movie nails on acrylic

34. Cute Boo Nails for Halloween

You can’t go wrong with these cute little ghosts on purple tips. They have a bit of spooky magic but also guarantee to bring in some holiday spirit too.

halloween nails 2022
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