After the lovely spring nails season, summer nails are of great experience. In addition to the bright colors, new textures and stylish shapes, 2021 summer nails are adventurous and eye-catching more than ever. Keep scrolling to get new ideas on how you can shape, style and edit your manicure with superb designs and attractive ideas! Let’s start to reveal amazing ideas that will take you to another level!

You can also check for more summer nails with almond shape or, square shape!

1. Watermelon Sugar High!

It’s amazing to carry short nails as short nail designs come in a wide range. The beautiful watermelon paint clearly explains the color of pretty summer nails. Both refreshing and cool!

watermelon nails with coffin shape

2. Pineapple Summer Nails

Summer nails can be light or bright depends on the theme of your nails. The amazing expression of pineapple and pretty yellow paint on the remaining nails is impeccable!

pineapple nails with coffin shape

3. Pineapple Chunks with Pink on Short Coffin Nails

Express your love for summer with amazing fruit colors and design. These short nail designs are welcoming summer with full motion!

pineapple nail art on short coffin nails

4. Palm Leaves on Short Beach Nails

You can make your short nails design simply by doing acrylic mint paint with short palm leaves over the coffin nails.

summer nails with palm leave nail art

5. Bright Ocean Summer Nails

Apart from pastels, bright colors go best for a short nail design. This is amazing to spend summer holidays along the beach with blue waves on nails!

ocean nail art on short coffin nails
minimalist nail art on short coffin nails

6. Orange Colored Short Summer Nails

“Simplicity is the best policy!” Here, is the practical proof of simplicity without any ambiguity in bright orange coffin nails.

orange colored short coffin nails for summer

7. Pastel Swirls on Coffin Nails

pastel swirl nails
colorful pastel swirl nails
bright neon swirls on short coffin nails

Look at these caramel swirls with creamy summer bites

caramel swirls on short coffin nails

8. Addicting Pink Summer Coffin Nails

Summer demands light and healthy colors. Pick up your favorite pink range and see the magic of refreshment!

pink skittle nails with coffin shape

9. Peachy Summer Coffin Nails

Peach is both a light and trending color for simple color nail paint. Short nails design need nothing, but good nail paint.

short summer nails with coffin shape
orange colored short coffin nails

10. Side Tip Nail Fashion on Coffin Nails

The combination of light and bright pastel is perfect for side tip fashion. Square nails go perfect for side cuts!

side french tip nail art on short coffin nails
colorful side french tip on short coffin nails

11. Short Beach Coffin Nails

The amazing creation of the beach with sunset view spreading its redness in the whole sky is soothing and attractive. How you make your palm trees is still a surprise!

short ombre nails for beach nail art

You can also use pink for more amazing and creative ideas

pink ombre nails with coffin shape

12. Funky Beach Nails

When it comes to beach nails, don’t stop yourself from using bright and funky colors!

colorful summer nails with coffin shape

13. Pointed Tips on Coffin Nails

Point your nails by keeping them coffin. This is an amazing idea to narrow your nails by painting side tips with the pointed end.

pink french tips on short summer nails

14. Sparkle Coffin Nails

Dip zinc glitter in gel and get it layered on nails. contrast zinc with orange and fuse together. It goes perfect for weddings and parties!

sparkly ombre nails with coffin shape
beach nails with coffin shape

15. Nude Ombre Coffin Nails

If you hesitate by colors and avoid nail paints. This nude paint with long coffin nails is amazing and breathtaking!

nude ombre nails with coffin shape
nude ombre nails with coffin nails

Moreover, the use of gold flakes give royal look to healthy summer nails

coffin shaped ombre nails with gold leaf

16. Rainbow Coffin Nails

Pick up your favorite colors and make a rainbow of variant colors. This is the best way to present with coffin summer nails.

rainbow nail art on coffin shaped nails

17. White Daisies on Coffin Nails

White Daisies are in love with blue waves and the summer breeze. So how you paint and contrast Daisies as a short nail design depends on your nail shapes.

white daisy and swirl nail art on coffin shaped nails

18. Tortoise Shell Short Nail Design

Add nature to your short nail designs. This will come up with an amazing idea. Tortoise skin is nature’s best creativity with black dots and a brown base. This is going to be trendy with lime and blue swirls!

tortoise nail art on short coffin nails

19. Indigo Short Nail Design

This design is going to be trendy due to its marvellous color range. Who else not like mustard? Print your name alphabet and design your favorite print

indigo nail art with short coffin shape

20. Sunny Summer Nails

When it’s summer, flowers always beat the heat. This is the same case with bright yellow nail paint with white Daisies. Beat the heat or it will beat you.

white and yellow daisy nail art with short coffin shape

21. Butterfly Short Nail Design

When summer comes, Pastels go on-trend due to their light appearance. The beautiful shades of butterflies with yellow pastels are revealing great summer vibes. This is exactly the same as when someone pulls yellow off!

butterfly nail art with short coffin shape

22. Neon Ombre Summer Nails

Get a break from pastels and simple nail paints. Let’s do some neon colors to embellish nails in summer. The lime neon in touch with glitters is both impressive and fantasising!

neon ombre short coffin nails

23. Soft Beads on Coffin Nails

Have ever thought about nude pink? Simplicity lies in nude colors. Embellish your coffin nail bed with silver beads and create a design with it. Easy but fancy!

LV nail art with short coffin shape

24. Gradient Coffin Shaped Summer Nails

Make your summer more refreshing by picking variant colors and fusing them together to create a gradient! This style can go with every skin tone and dres’s style.

colorful ombre skittle nail art with short coffin shape
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