The summer nails are trending because they adjust bright, light and sparkling colors in them. Whether it’s bright embracing colors, light pastels or shining glitter, it’s the time to mix them all. Your hands may be the first site people look at. So it should be attractive and neat. A manicure is necessary every season. Here, is a complete range of designs from simple to complex, from routine nail art to party nail art. scroll down to see how you can elevate the beauty of your square nails or short beach nails.

1. Lime Beach Nails

The best part of beach nails is the beautiful colors. This beautiful lime and pink with polka dots go best with a beach suit.

square shaped nails with neon colors

2. Magenta Burst for Beach Nail

Go with dark magenta to mix with blue waves of a beach. Summer nails add an extra vibe of freshness with bright sunny days.

pink and black ombre nails with gel polish

3. Red Grapes for Summer Nails

Refresh yourself and summer nail art with some red grapes. A sense of fresh and clear vibes in summer is a must!

grape nail art for summer

4. Blueberries Blend with Red Grape

The combination of purple with red is quite interesting. However, painting fruits especially on summer nails glorifies the purpose of summer.

grape nail art for summer nails

5. Mouthwatering melon on Summer Nails

The hot pink summer, with lime juice and cold watermelon. Refresh your summer nails that refreshes you. These square nails with different colors are essence to summer and beach vibes.

square shaped nails with watermelon nail art

6. Mint Square Nails

Summer loves light and fresh colors like mint and lime. Just because, they don’t absorb the light, gives you a healthy and light breathing. On bright sunny days, this mint and pink will soothe your round square nails.

watermelon nails with square shape

7.      Watermelon Seeds and Blue Waves Nail-Art

Ever felt the breath of cold on warm summer days? These summer nails clarifying how blue waves at the beach nurtures your day after having a bite of watermelon.

watermelon nails for summer
watermelon nails with square shape

8. Pineapple Summer Nails

Have you got your summer nails? I can feel the chunk of pineapples and coming summer. This pale yellow and white paint is fabulous with little pineapples on short summer square nails.

pineapple nails with square shape

The use of beads in pineapple is clever enough to get bunch 🙂

yellow pineapple nails for summer

9. Nautical Beach Nails

Express your unconditional love for forces with summer nail ideas. The beautiful creation of a beach theme with a nautical navy sign is award-winning. See the galaxy of sky blue with a white beach site.

anchor nail art on square shaped beach nails

10. Starfish Summer and Beach Nails

You went to the beach and didn’t find starfish. How is this possible? Paint summer creatures on your nails. This red goes viral with white!

red starfish nail art on square shaped summer nails

What is more beautiful than sea bed? Beautiful swimming star fish in its eternity.

pink starfish nail art on short square shaped nails

11. Beach Trees on Summer Nails

As it is summer, so it would be better to draw live structures such as trees. These beautiful palm trees with white nail paint presenting sky is a vivid view of the beach.

palm nail art on short square nails

12. Shell Beach Nails

The presentation of shell on short square nails is as amazing as a beach view! This is an extraordinary nail art that keeps you in a nutshell of beauty and love.

shell nail art and french tips on short square shaped nails

Shell nails are cheery, they’re breezy, they’re perfect for the heat wave or the rain and they’re the ultimate in nail art.

13. Ocean Nail Art for Summer Nails

The trendy ocean waves are what makes your square nails look cool and fine on hot summer days. Must pant these fresh and cool water waves. Apply gold glitter for a trending look!

ocean nail art on short square shaped nails

14. Love Hearts on Square Nails

Show some love to close ones and express your feelings. These red hearts on square nails will open the way to others and bring change.

heart nal art on short square shaped nails

15. Pure Bloody Summer Nails

The simple red nail paint looks fabulous with a little motivating heart on square nails.

red and black heart shaped nail art on short square nails

The use of simple color such as bright orange adds symmetry to your summer square nails and gives them an impeccable look.

neon orange nails with square shape

16. Evil Eye Nails for Summer

Keep the evil eyes off by painting evil eye on glittery square nails. The contrast of pale orange with silver is a great way of catching people’s attraction. This design is also known as Chiara Ferragni Nails with Eye!

chiara ferragni nails with eye nail art

17. Baby Pink Square Summer Nails

Summer likes light and pale color. The use of baby pink on short square nails is both lightweight and less irritating to the eye. As it is summer, the use of light colors will keep you fresh!

baby pink chiara ferragni nails with eye nail art on short square nails

18. Gradient Summer Nails

The use of gold flakes is both trendy and captivating! The fusion of grey with light pink is pleasantly revealing summer vibes!

pink and grey ombre nails with gold sparkles and square shape

19. Neutral Summer Nail Color

Besides summer, everyone likes to be simple and pleasant. The satisfying contrast of varying neutral colors is perfect for the decent summer look. Go for this style on your long square nails and think different!

white, pink and glitter skittle nails with square shape

20. Beaded Summer Nails

Parties in summer are difficult to attend. When it comes to nails, you worry about the style. Style different and unique for parties. The beaded style is still trending to grant you perfectionism.

short square shaped baby pink nails with studs

21. Antique Summer Nails Design

The metallic shine goes viral with the beautiful drawn leaves stem. Moreover, little gel dots is an inspiring summer with their beautiful look.

neutral nails with square shape

22. Lilac Flower Nails

Summer is refreshing if you have flowers. Paint beautiful flower patterns on square nails in lavender and pink. Contrast with neutral pastel purple. This is going to rock in summer!

lilac nails with square shape

23. Hazy Clouds Summer Nails

Daydreaming isn’t bad if you put it on your square nails. the golden hanging moon and stars will make you fall into another world full of imaginations. Make your own weather and forget about summer!

gold crescent and star nail art on short square nails

24. Bermuda Triangle on Summer Nails

Once you come in, there’s no way of going back. This multi-colored triangle on nails is as cheerful as a child. The use of multi-colors will make your square nails look trendy and up-to-date.

short square nails with colorful stripes

25. Tortoise Print On Summer Nails

Add some nature to your designs and see the results. You must do an animal-inspired manicure to get the classy tortoise look.

short square shaped tortoise nails

26. Pastel French Tips for Square Nails

Nothing seems simple and elegant before pastels. In addition to French tips, pastel flowers are just too cute to resist.

neon french tips on short square nails with floral nail-art

27. Palm Leaves Nail-Art with Sunset Shine

Just see how the palm leaves have beautifully adjusted with lateral fingers. The sunset shine in orange is amazingly blended with a nude nail bed. A vivid sunset look!

orange ombre nails with palm leaves nail art on short square shaped nails

28. Summer Nail  Stickers

Say “hello” to summer and stamp creative stickers. This gold and black looks perfect. Save time and energy with these decals and go with glamour!

star nail stickers on short square nails

29. Rainbow Summer Nail Art

Don’t worry about the contrast, a unicorn rainbow is here to make you fall in love with the beautiful pink!

rainbow nails with square shape

30. Funky Beach Nails

Sometimes it’s better to forget about contrast and colors. Pick up your favorite bright colors and draw random patterns whatever you like.

rainbow nails with square shape
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