If you are not a fan of stiletto or other sharp nail designs, we have another option for you – almond nails! These shapes are currently trending, and you’d be glad to know that celebrities like Kylie Jenner have tried them. These natural nail designs are a way to go for the ladies looking for an elegant and ultra-chic style for their shorter fingers nails. Here are a handful of short almond nail shape designs to try!

1. Ultra Chic Prints on Short Almond Nails

There are many natural almond nails for a chic look, from snakeskin to cow spots to zebra print. Design adding your twist.

cow pattern nail art

2. Personalized Short Nail Design

Accentuate your overall short almond nail shape for a sophisticated appearance using a nail art pen over a nude base.

almond shaped nails with stripes and colorful design

3. Cool Marble Pattern on Almond Nails

A marble pattern on short almond shaped nails is ideal for everyone who loves bold and colorful designs. Add a nude or transparent base to create the desired color scheme.

short almond nails with pastel tones

4. Gorgeous Yin Yang Desing on Short Nails

For minimalist’s delight, create the polka dot type pattern using a combination of black and white matte paint over a nude polish base.

black and white yin yang nail-art

Eyes Inspired Short Almond Nails

Want eye-catching almond-shaped nails? Designing eyes on them will add a unique element to your short nails.

eye shaped nail art on nude almond nails

6. Bloody Valentine Nails with Almond Shape

Let the red nail paint drip from your short almond nails. Use different dark color combinations to recreate this classy design.

bloody nail art on almond shaped nails

7. Crystal Gold Almond Nails

Placing the glitter stripes nicely over the minimalist marble pattern amplifies the overall manicure. This subtle natural nail design complements your gold jewelry.

almond shaped gel nails with gold

8. Flawless Double Layered Short Nail Design

You must try a two-layered short almond nail design! Paint nude shade on all nails and fill every tip curve with the preferred color. Moreover, check how cute looking these black french tips with little heart design details!

black french tips with heart shapes

9. Soft and Bold Short Nail Design

Feel free to fill the nail tips with any dark color over a transparent nail paint with studs near the cuticle for a chic chevron glimpse. Black French Tips are the trend for sure!

Black French Tips with Rock Studs on Short Nails

10. Incredible Rainbow Design on Short Almond Nails

Mix up different electric colors and fill the nail tips with them to achieve a dramatic contrast. This colorful nail art can be done with nail brush so easily and you can put the dots with a dotting tool.

rainbow nail art on almond shaped nails

11. Black Marble Pattern on Almond Nails

Going out for a party? Swipe black polish on the first and last nail. This combination of glitter, marble and matte nail art on short nails looks amazing.

black marble nail art with matte and glitter nail polish

12. Perfect Almond Shape Nail for Valentine

Swipe light color paint on your short almond shaped nails and it will make the perfect base to add cute heart tips over it.

milky nail-art with little heart shape

13. Patterned Ombre Almond Nails

When painted using light shades with snake skin-like patterns on the tips, the short almond shaped nails get a flawless ombre look.

white snake skin ombre nail art with almod shape

14. Leopard Short Nail Design

Dark polka dots pop up the entire short almond nail shape and turn it into leopard design. Moreover, it will make your nails appear longer.

almond shaped gel nails with leopard pattern

15. Shimmering Purple Gold Short Nails

Few strips of shimmering gold on the nail base with purple glossy, matte finish give it a luxurious touch.

glossy purple and gold almond shaped nails

16. Blingy Silver Short Nails

Rock your nails every day by adding a touch of silver glitter on a few of your nails with studs near the cuticles.

pink and silver short nail art with silver nail stickers

17. Patterned Neon Yellow Almond Nails

Neon yellow combined with palm trees pattern adds a beautiful contrast on your short almond shaped nails.

yellow neon nail art with palm tree stamping

18. Nude Almond Nails

Nude color on nails is the perfect companion for a subtle feel. Pair it with glossy silver glitter and a beautiful pattern on the tips. You can use the dotting tool for the cherry nail art and nail brush to draw the cherry stalks.

cherry nail art on glittery almond nails

19. Summer Manicure with Almond Shape Nails

Who knew leopard prints on nail tips complement the glossy nude finish. Style the fingertips following different patterns.

Leopard nail art on almond shaped nails

20. Polka Dot Almond Nails

Add polka patterns on the fingernails of both hands for a satisfying, sharp, and neat design. Black french tips are looking amazing on short nail design.

black french tips and black polka dots nail art

21. Gold and Silver Color Short Nails

A tint of simple gold glitter pattern or gold patch in the middle of the nail makes it seem more relaxed.

gold patch on short nude nails

22. Bright and Colorful Short Nail Design

Swipe a couple of red, pink, and yellow stripes on your almond nails to get a colorful rainbow manicure.

bright nail art using nail brush on almond shaped nails

23. Yellow on Nude Almond Nails

Pair your almond nails with some yellow-colored patterns and a black outline for a perfectly bright design. Use a nail brush to draw the smiley face nail art.

yellow smiley faces nail art

24. Quick Short Nail Design

A simple combination of nude base and dark-colored nail tips will give you a chevron appeal. Half moon nail art is becoming very popular.

half moon french tip nail art

25. Elegant Matte Nails

Color-blocked nails following a modern color combination with sparkling studs or rhinestones give nails a glamorous vibe. This is a perfect example of matte and glossy pink short nail design.

matte and glossy light pink nail art with rock studs and gold nail stickers

26. Glitter French Tips on Almond Nails

Glossy nude polish seems elegant when you put on some gold glitter on nail tips.

gold glittered french tips on almond nails

27. Matte Short Nails with Almond Shape

Running late? Polish your nails using any dark matter especially a black finish for a bold design.

black matte almond shaped nails

28. Different Nude Shades on Short Nails

To accentuate your short almond shaped nails, opt for a different matte finish or shades of nude. A little effort is worth it. Skittle nail art with pastel tones is favorable for any time of the year.

pastel tones skittle nail art on short nails

29. Tortie Nail Design on Almond Shaped Nails

Add a twist to your manicure by putting on a tortie design on one nail and coloring the rest of the nail tips. Tortie Nail Art will be a short nail design that we see more and more.

tortie nail art on short nails

30. Lovely Pastel Tone Short Nails

Give your nails a summer vibe using different pastels. For uniqueness add a single stripe of gold or white. Negative space nail art on short nails is becoming very trendy.

negative space nail art with gold glitter

31. Waves of Colors on Short Nail Design

For the tonal pattern, add a dark color wave on the light color polish with a wavy strip of gold or silver.

silver and pink stripes nail art on short nails

32. Gold Glitter Dip

A peachy neutral color polish on all nails with just one dipped in gold glitter flakes is one of the best combinations!

pastel tones nail art with top gel coat

33. Abstract Nail Art

Amaze everyone with floral or patterned nails. Recreate this manicure with magnificent white.

abstract nail art on natural almond nails

34. Colorful Glitter Design

Make an ombre pattern against the shining brand logo of Nike. Outline the remaining space using colorful glitter for an incredible design.

ombre nail art with nike brand logo on

35. Beautiful Glossy Nudes

Who doesn’t love nude shades? The faint shade of nude without anything on it is one of the most preferred designs!

nude almond nails

36. Stunning Pink Almond Shape Nails

Etch some little red-colored cute hearts with other floral designs on your pink colored polish for the valentine feel. Pink Chrome nails are look very chic.

almond shaped chrome nails with hearts

37. Devils Eyes Nail Design with Almond Shape

Create a simple contrasting design using a glamourous nude polish with dark-colored patterns on it. Devils Eyes nail art is easy to apply using either a dotting tool or nail art brush. It will also keep you away from bad luck and bad eyes!

devils eye nail art on short almond nails

38. Cheetah Print Short Nail Design

You can follow prints like leopard, tortoiseshell and leave a few negative spaces in it for a classy vibe and twist. Cheetah print nail art is so elegant.

cheetah print nail art on short almond nails
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