It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So, apart from decorating your house, you should also decorate your nails with Christmas ornaments! Here you can find amazing examples of Christmas ornament nail-art ideas for your short nails. These ideas are very easy to apply, and look amazing <3

Your hands are the most important part of your body. Firstly, you see them all the time. Secondly, you use them unconsciously while communicating with others. Therefore, the way your nails look are before everyone’s eyes. That’s why it is very essential to have a nail-art. It will not only make people fall in love with your hands but also boost your self-confidence! And luckily, the best nail design ideas you can apply nowadays are all about Christmas! Starting from December till February – yes, I’m one of those Christmas lover people, these simple Christmas ornaments nail-art decorations can put an extra sparkle in your aura!

How to Apply Christmas Ornament as Nail-Art?

Christmas ornament design is the easiest among Christmas nail-art ideas. Compared to Christmas tree, Rudolph, snowflake or gingerbread, you can do the Christmas ornament nail-art by yourself with no trouble. Before start reading the instructions, do not forget to take a look at other Christmas nail-art ideas in my blog. Actually, mixing couple of them would be the best thing to do. Because these cold winter days can only be flourished by the Christmas nail-art!

To start with, first you should choose your base color. My favorite ones are nude, white and light grey. Because, these colors beautifully match with red or glitter nail polish of Christmas spirit. After that, you should pick the ornament color, which can be red, gold or silver. By using the detail nail-art brush, draw a circle and fill the inside. The size of the circle is all upto you, but my recommendation would be not to go too big. Finally, pick white or black nail polish depending on your base color choice to draw ornament rope and ribbon on top with the detail nail-art brush. Ta-Da! You have an amazing Christmas ornament nail-art on your short nails!

Christmas Ornaments Nail-Art Ideas
Glittering Nail Polish Ornament Design
Christmas Lights Nail-Art
Christmas Nail-Art  Design Ideas
Ornament Nail-Art with Glittering Nail Polish
Pink Ornament Nail-Art with Glittering Nail Polish
Gold Ornament Nail-Art with Glittering Nail Polish
Ornament Nail-Art Design
Christmas Lights Nail-Art Ideas
Ornament Nail-Art Design
Ornament Nail-Art Design
Silver Ornament Nail-Art with Glittering Nail Polish
Christmas Nail-Art Ideas for Short Nails
Christmas Ornaments Nail-Art Ideas
Christmas Nail-Art Ideas
Christmas Lights Nail-Art Design Ideas
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