Fresh white nails look classy and add a touch of elegance to your style. It is also one of the stylish colors this season. White nail color is one of the most all-around shades out there that gives an excellent base for all types of innovative nail designs. From French manicure to polka dots, there are never-ending ways to decorate your fingertips. Below are some white nails ideas for you to wear out.

1. White Opalescent Nails

For a unique yet chic look, try these white opalescent nails that are a statement and are sure to upgrade any outfit that you wear.

short white chrome nails

2. Line Art Picasso Face Nails

Line art might take a bit of effort, but the outcome of this nail design is astonishing. You only need a fine brush to recreate this look. Add a contrast of blush pink color with white to make your nails stand out.

short abstract nail art

3. Nude with Gold Foil

This nude nail art design is simple yet graceful. The soft addition of gold foil on the feature ring finger enhances your whole look without overdoing it.

gold foil nail art with almond shape

4. White Swirl Nails

This white swirl nail design on the base coat looks quite interesting. It will look fantastic on all kinds of nail shapes. In addition, it’s an easy peasy nail design to recreate with a brush or toothpick.

swirls nail art on short acrylic nails

5. Short Nail Design with Splash of Colors

We love how a little splash of colors makes this manicure outstanding. This design will add a pop of color to the tip of your middle and ring fingernails. Just pick a few colors and begin swatching.

gold flake nail art on short almond nails

6. Perfect Milky Nail Design

To pull off this design, you will need a pearl white color with a slight translucency. Your nails will look like they dipped into a glass of milk. It looks beautiful on every nail shape.

milky manicure on short nails

7. Pink and White Ombre Shimmer Nail Art

This nail design beautifully balances the colors with a hint of shimmers on the top for an understated and natural look. Add few stones on both index fingers, which looks perfect for events like weddings.

coffin shaped acrylic nails with marble design

8. Curved White French Manicure

This subtle nail design is simply stunning. Just add a cool modern twist to a regular French tip with this beautiful curved French manicure that compliments every outfit.

side french tips on gel nails

9. Cute Glitter Heart Nails

Mix up the few pastel colors with glitters to create these cute heart nails. Make a love heart shape in the center of each nail and fill the heart with colorful glitters.

natural short nail design

10. Bare White Nails

If you want to create a twist on French mani, create these bare white nails. You only need to apply a base coat and make white swirls with a stable hand; the outcome is excellent.

swirl nail art with almond shape

11. White Nails with Abstract Design

Take your nail design up a notch with this blue graphic nail art design. This design is perfect for summer nails. Paint an innovative design on the last two fingers

short white nails with geometric nail art

12. Acrylic Nails with White Flames

Replace your standard French manicure nails with some subtle white fire details that will look flawless on the acrylic nails.

white swirls nail art with almond shape

13. Bohemian Vibes on White Nails

Try this manicure design to create the perfect bohemian effect on your white nails with black nail color. Also, it will look super chic on the square shape nails.

short nail design with geometric shapes

14. Gold Flakes with French Mani

Try this elegant nail design with gold flakes on top of the middle and ring finger. Your nails will look trendy with a white french mani on the pinky.

white nails with gold flakes

15. Peach on White Nails

Use a peach base color to add the white swirls on top. Leave some negative spaces and top it off with a gel coat.

white swirls on nude base nail art

16. Opalescent Summer Nails with Black Leaf

Jazz up your nails by using an opalescent white nail color and create a beautiful black leaf on it. It will make your manicure look fresh.

white almond nails with leaf nail art

17. Vintage White and Nude

The combination of nude base and white will add a beautiful touch to your short nail design. Add a metallic gold line across the fingertips for an extra refined finish.

swirly abstract nail art

18. White Nails with Marble Design

Apply a nude base coat on two nails with a white french tip on the top. Now create a white and black marble design on the index and ring finger. Finally, sprinkle some glitters on the marble design for elegance.

white marble nail design with coffin shape

19. Eye and Lashes Nail Design on White Nails

This nail art is eye-popping in both effect and design. Paint the edgy curves with neutral grays and bright peach color. Randomly create eye and lashes on the nails to give a trendy twist.

abstract nail art with eye lash design

20. Yin Yang Pastel Nail Art

If you are a fan of yin-yang design and pastels, you will surely love this design. You can pick any pastel color in contrast with white color to recreate this look.

yin yang nail art with almond shape

21. Pretty Pink Tartan Acrylic Nails

Add some freshness to your acrylic nails by creating a tartan design. This nail art is easy to do; you only need to draw fine horizontal and vertical lines with white and black color. Add a topcoat for a shiny finish.

pink tartan nail art with coffin shape

22. Feel Dreamy With White Nails

Do try these gorgeous cloud-inspired nails for dreamy vibes. You only need to apply a pearl white color as a base and create cute clouds on top.

cotton cloudy nail art with almond shape

23. White and Black Squiggles

This design is so easy to replicate, even for the newbie in the nail art world. You can draw white and black squiggles on the base coat to add something extra to your mani.

black and white nail art

24. Gatsby Gold White Nails

This manicure will look stunning just by adding some hints of gold chrome and white on the French tip with a nude pink base. It will give you major Gatsby vibes.

side french tips with square shape

25. Faces Short Nail Design

Bring out some modern art in short nail design with these faces on your ring finger. Give attention to detail and line; it is unique and will look striking with the black color on the white base.

white nails with face nail art

26. Swirl It Up On White Nails

Less is more, undoubtedly the case with these stunning yet minimal white swirl nails. Use a clear base coat and create white swirls that will look pretty and youthful.

swirly abstract nail art

27. Short Nail Design with Dots

You can quickly bring this dotted nail design to life with a toothpick or dotting tool. The black dots will look chic in the center of nails. Of course, you can mix the other colors too.

short nail design with dots

28. Dainty Dots on Shellac Base

This shellac base with cute black dots near the cuticle is perfect for summer nail design. It is not only easy to recreate but also upgrades the overall look of your nails.

minimalist nail art with dots

29. Gel Milky White Nails

Sparkle like the night sky with these gorgeous nails. All you need is a gel white color to make your nail design stay longer. Add some dainty jewelry for the elegant finishing touch.

milky nails with gel
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