The summer nails come in variant colors and shapes. Whether you are doing a manicure for a casual routine or crazy parties, you will find every nail art in each shape. From minimal to extravagant, from simple to complicated and from light to dark, you will get a couple of ideas. Scroll down for amazing and new short summer nail ideas.

1. Bright Yellow Fashion Nails

The addition of bright yellow to nude summer nails is amazing to keep them light and simple.

neon yellow nail art on coffin nails

2. Short Summer Nails with Bunny Design

For pet lovers, this is the best design to go for summer nails. Instead of a rabbit, you can also go for a cat face or something else.

half cut colored french tips with bunny nail art on almond nails

3. Easter Eggs Nail Art

Don’t be afraid of trying new nail art! Just sprinkle the flavor of easter eggs on abstract nails. It seems like an egg white or yolk served with pepper mist.

coloful asbtract nail art with easter eggs on almond nails

4. Pastel Daisies on Short Summer Nails

Spread beautiful daisy nail art and let them float on almond nails.

mini floral nail art on almond nails

5. Funky Side Tips for Summer Nails

Pick up your favorite colors and adjust the tips to cut the nails from the sides. This looks amazing with nude base color! A perfect match for everyday wearing.

colorful side tips on square nails
rainbow side tips on stiletto nails

6. Pastel Swirls on Short Summer Nails

Pick up the brush and move with freedom. Make swirls and let them shine with glitter.

summer swirl nail art on square nails
orange and pink swirls on square nails

7. Chick Nail Art for Short Summer Nails

Hatch your love for nails with an amazing chick design. It looks like a real chick recently hatched from an egg.

chick nail art with easter eggs

8. Oval French Tips for Summer Nails

If you love doing simple fashion, rush for the simple french tips in bottle green and mint. A perfect combination of light and dark!

pastel green french tips on almond nails
neon green and pink french tips on almond nails
half moon nail art on summer almond nails

Check out the square French tips for short summer nails

orange french tips on coffin nails

9. Short Modern Nail Design

Surround your almond nails with black and white swirls and stripes. It looks like ombre nails modified by thin lines.

black and white swirl nail art on stiletto nails
colorful summer swirl nail art on almond nails

10. Short Chrome Nails

Chrome nail art is the modified appearance of metallic nail paint that gives more shine to nail tips than metallic. These are lustrous, shiny and bright. The best match for weddings!

chrome french tips on summer nails

11. Candy Nail colors

An amazing dark pastel collection for summer coffin nails depict that better days are coming!

skittle nails for summer

If you love light colors, go for this simple and amazing look.

skittle nails with glitter for summer

12. Smiley Almond Nails

Nothing is more satisfying than a smiling face. Keep smiling and let others smile with cute short nail designs.

smiley nail art on almond nails

13. Melting pastels

Make a chain of polka dots and blend them with a stick. An amazing design of melting pastel forms.

pastel polka dots on neutral nails

14. Brush Design for Short Nails

Summer is enlightened with simple nail paints. If you are realistic, just scratch a paintbrush. An amazing design will be created.

brush stroke nail art for summer

15. Ombre Peach Almond Nails

Build up your peach garden on summer nails. Peach is a summer fruit and the drawing of cute little peaches are amazing!

peach nail art on neutral nails

16. Raspberry Short Nail Design

Pick up shades of raspberry color, make multiple layers. A gradient of multiple layered structures formed.

purple rainbow nails on square nails

17. Short Chocolate Nails

Ever tried the combination of mocha with bounties colors? The best ever romance of mocha color with variant flavored colors is the best idea for short summer nails.

neon side tips on neutral nails

18. Ombre Summer Nails

If you want to have a feel of cold winter, go for this fantastic contrast of blue and cold ice. Blend from the tips to give a finished look.

blue and white ombre nails with almond shape

19. Tetris Nail Art

Play with the summer nails with tetris nail art vibes! Make a puzzle design with pastel colors. It looks amazing on almond nails.

tetris nail art on summer nails

20. Split Nail Design

Let’s make your nails trendy by splitting them up. Don’t be afraid it’s just a design. The use of pastels will elaborate it!

split french nails for summer

21. Zebra Nail Art

If nature has bestowed you with beautiful animal skins. Then, why not utilize them as nail paint?

safari zebra nail art for summer

22. Polka dots Nail Art

Evenly manage to paint short nails and make tiny dots on them. You can choose your favorite colors for contrast. This will make a difference!

blue and pink skittle nails with dreamy polka dots
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