Marble nails look fresh and sophisticated, with different patterns on each nail. They are versatile in design and color patterns. Therefore, they go with short nails as well as acrylic nails. You may try these on different shapes of nails along with negative spaces and embellishments.

When it comes to the question of how to do marble nails at home by  yourself, it is quite simple! Drop different nail polish colors either on your nails and mix them with the help of a clean nail art brush, or on a plastic wrap and press your nail on it after mixing the  colors.

Here are some marble nail designs for you to try.

1. Marble Sunset Summer Nails

Add a hint of sunset with these bright marble nails. Balance the bright colors with nude nail paint and French tips on alternate nails.

orange wavy nails with acrylic

2. Gold Galaxy Jade

Dive into this galaxy-inspired manicure with tiny specks of gold. This will look great on almond nails that are not too long.

light blue marble nail with gold flakes

3. Strawberry Peachy Swirls on Marble Nails

This strawberry and peachy smoothie design scream summer nails. Besides, the gold details add some punch to it.

peach colored wavy nail art on almond nails

4. Purple Spring Vibes with Marble Nails

Try this purple manicure inspired by the spring season. You may create marble swirls with white on all the nails or keep it simple with a nude shade.

white and purple wavy nails on short oval nails

5. Luxurious Emeralds

Make your nails look like the sophisticated emerald with this green manicure. Add some intricate details under the French tips.

marble french tips

6. Red Magique Marble Nails

The gel red nails look fantastic with white swirls. You can create the same on short nails for an evergreen manicure with a twist.

white and red galaxy nail art on short square nails

7. Ocean Marble Nails

Try these sea-inspired nails for oceanic vibes. Add some abstract details over the blue color and top it with a shiny coat.

ocean nail art with gold flakes

8. Leaves in the Sun

This green and gold manicure will remind you of the dark leaves in the forest that shine with the sunlight. It will be a perfect evening look for almond nails.

african tribal nail art on short almond nails

9. Blue Gliterry Swirls

Mix it up with marble nails and glitter in blue and silver to add some fun to your manicure. You may pick a matte or gel topcoat after you are done with the mani.

blue marble nails

10. Short Nail Design with Gold Embellishments

Make your nails stand out with three-dimensional gold embellishments over black and white marble swirls. This detailed design will look great on short nails.

white watery nail art

11. Copper Marble Fusion

You may not think of pairing copper with shades of grey; however, this manicure will make you reconsider. Add a sparkly top coat to ensure your nails last longer.

black and white marble nail art on almond nails

12. Aqua Summer Nails

Blue color has a cooling effect when it comes to picking colors for summer nails. Make the nails interesting by adding gold zig-zag patterns. Overcrowded nails are so old school nowadays anyways.

aqua abstract nails with gold flakes

13. Gems for Short Marble Nails

Adorn your almond nails with shades of emerald and gold for a luxurious look. See how the negative space is bringing out the design.

marble nails with almond shape

14. Stormy Nail Art

Get inspired by sea storms for your next manicure and try something new. Add a darker base and use lighter shades on top for a layering effect.

ocean nail art on short oval nails

15. Blue Waves Marble Nail Design

Create some waves on your acrylic nails in case you miss going to the beach. They will also remind you of a beach vacation at home. French tips with such designs are like a breath of fresh air.

ocean nail art on short almond nails

16. Smoky Galaxy Nail Art

Take some inspiration from these galactic nails with a hint of smokiness. Add white on top of all the colors to mimic a massive star. Don’t forget to make the detailed mani last long with a top coat.

smoky marble nails

17. Glitter and Marble Playdate

Combine glitter, nude, and marble nails in one manicure to experience the best of nail fashion. Mixing up more than one trend in a manicure will make you feel adventurous.

pink glittery nails with almond shape

18. Flames on Marble Nails

Try this manicure with fire details to create the perfect marble nails. Line the edges with white as a canvas for your nail art.

flame nail art on short square nails

19. Poolside Nails

Add some freshness to your coffin nails with this bright blue design and sip cocktails on the poolside. You can pair these with any summer outfit to look chic.

blue water nail art with coffin shape

20. Polka Dot Nail-Inspo

Summer nails are incomplete without the polka dot designs with pink and blue shades. This is easy to do, even for a newbie in the nail world.

pink abstract nail art

21. Rosy Swirls

This manicure reminds us of dark roses and their delicate petals. These will transform you into a fashionista for an evening party.

rose swirls on short almond nail

22. Blue for the Summer

Your short nails will look so trendy with this pastel blue and magical swirls of black and white. These are casual yet stylish for a day out.

blue aqua nail art with almond shape

23. Dreamy Quartz Marble Nails

Your nails will look like a painting with this opal quartz-inspired manicure. Add some gold flakes on top to finish with some elegance.

quartz nail art with coffin shape

24. Pink on Blue Marble Nails

Use a pastel pink base color to add the blue swirls. Leave some strategic negative spaces and top it with a gel coat.

abstract ocean nail art with gold flakes

25. Nude Vibes

This mani is for those who like to try new trends with a simplistic approach. The nude shade and marble details blend effortlessly. Add some gold on top for a universal design.

gold nail art with stiletto shape

26. Peachy Magic on Marble Nails

This peachy design is perfect for short nails as it does not need too much workspace. Moreover, you can keep it simple with nude shade on some nails. The negative spaces surely add more attention to the design.

short marble nails

27. Leafy Fun on Marble Nails

Marble nails with leafy patterns give a fresh look to the manicure. You do not have to mimic the whole leaf design; instead, create similar swirls on each nude canvas. Start at a different point on each nail and complete the look with gold details.

blue ocean nail art with gold leaf

28. Black & White Marble Nails

This one is a classic marble look on nails. The base is white with black marble veins.

black and white swirly nail design

29. Nude Marble Nail Design

Nude marble nail design is the perfect choice for those who like simple classiness. You can add some style with this marble design on your nude nails.

nude marble nails with stilletto shape
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