It’s the “Valentine’s Nails” time of the year! Valentine’s Day is the one day in a year for couples to show each other love or self-love for the singles. Therefore, we will tell you more about the importance of standing out with an amazing manicure. Thus, it is an impeccable choice for celebrating a love-filled day. You might be mulling over the nail art idea to wear during next Valentine’s Day. Besides, you might be thinking glossy, glittery, or something out of the box. Well it’s good new than! Because, we have collected several fashionable manicure ideas for 14th February.

red lips shape nail-art

1.     Classic Red Valentine’s Nails

It is Valentines’, and we all are thinking red. If you feel reserved on this day, you can still look fabulous in the classic red. Because, red valentine nail-art is the characteristic pigmentation for the romantic day. For instance, the classic red options vary from matte, glittery, glossy, metallic, or any other combination. Moreover, try to challenge yourself to avoid the simple red and standout. Red and white valentine’s nails can come to your rescue at this point!

Red Glossy Nail Polished Short Nails
Red Glossy Nail Polished Short Nails on White Table
woman standing on grass with Red, glossy nail-art with gold rings
Minimalist red nail-art

2.     Cartoon Character Nails

I am assuming you love cartoons or animations, just like most ladies in the world. Push your creativity further this Valentine’s Day by decorating your nails with your favorite characters such as Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, or Winnie the Pooh. Be sure to use an artist that does not overdo the design but perfectly blends it with Valentine’s theme. Moreover, you can think of these cartoon characters as one of the valentine’s coffin nail designs as well.

Power-puff girls nail-art on short nails
Kung-fu Panda Nail-art
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Nail-Art with Pink Nails

3.     Polka Dots Valentine’s Nails

Polka dots are a classic design that adds a spark to nail art. Firstly, polka dots are simple and time-saving to apply on short nails. Furthermore, polka dots provide a minimalist but classy look when designed right. These dots patterns are attractive and timeless so, perfect for Valentine’s nail ideas! Play around with them to find a design that best describes your mood on a special occasion.

Minnie Mouse Nail-Art with Polka Dots on RedNails
White Polka Dots Valentines Nails
Red, White and Black Nail Polished Fingers holding a mug

4.     Animal Print Leopard Nails

Animal prints or leopard design have been associated with luxury and class. Therefore, you can escalate your glow on the next Valentine’s’ with the coveted animal print nails. Cheetah print, for example, oozes a fierce but elegant art design for your valentine’s nails. Moreover, leopard nail-art will complement your style’s sophistication without trying too hard. Simple but eye-catching!

Leopard Nails with Red Nail Polish
Cheetah Nail Art on Short Nails
Leopard Nail Art with Skittle Nails

5.     Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Nails

It is Valentine’s Day, and the theme is love. Therefore, the classic heart shape is the perfect symbol of love to crown the special day. Besides, heart designs are the ideal way to show love to partners, friends, or loved ones. The valentine nail design options with heart are limitless and fun to select. For instance, it canbe as simple as tiny dotted hearts to advanced heart designs. However in the end, whatever your preference is, trust the heart-shaped Valentine’s nails! Because, it will highlight the romantic day.

little hearts design on short nails
little hearts on neutral nails
Heart shape and leopard design nail-art
Red Heart Shape Nail Art with a diamond ring
small hearts nail-art made with glittered red nail polish

6.     Glittery Nails

All that glitters is not gold; some are nails! Add spark to your valentine’s nails with sparkles. Glittery nails effectively rejuvenate the elegance and beauty of otherwise dull nail designs. Glitter design is plenty in the market, such as gold, glassy, metallic, subtle, or galaxy. The designs may be affordable but adorn the luxurious feel and appearance in your valentine’s day nail-art.

Glittered Pink Nail Polish on Skittle Nails
Pink Valentines Nails with Diamond Ring on

7.     Chocolate Nails for Valentine’s Day Nail-Art

Are you feeling adventurous in your preparation for Valentine’s’? Distinguish yourself with chocolate nails instead of the normal red Valentine’s nails. Since, Valentine’s Day gifts usually consist of chocolate, this may give you an idea for your valentines nails as well. Thus, an additional chocolate nail designs pay homage to the romantic gesture. For instance, you can go all chocolate or blend it with fitting decorations in your valentine’s day nail-art.

Chocolate Valentines Nails
Chocolate Valentines Nails
Chocolate color nail-art with rudolph design

8.     High-Gloss Valentine’s Nails

Glossy nails add the crisp to dull nail designs. There is a dizzying number of brands selling various glossy nail polish. Besides, glossy nails are elegant in a subtle demeanor with a calm charm. Thus, they are an excellent choice for a woman who wants to look marvelous but maintaining a low profile with the valentine’s nail design. Further explore the numerous artistic glossy nails in the market to fulfill your desire. Remember, the theme is red for love. Glossy nails are also a perfect way for valentine’s coffin nail designs.

glossy red nail-art with heart shapes
Glossy Red Nail-Art
Glossy Red Nail-Art
Glossy Red Nail-Art

9.     Skittle Valentine’s Nails

Monochrome colors may be monotonous for people who love the diversity of style. Thus, Skittle nails come to rescue! It means that mixing and matching different nail design styles. Besides, it is an outstanding choice for Valentine’s Day nail-art. Moreover, the creativity and imagination space is endless with skittle nail art. Choose your valentine nail designs while appropriately sprinkling them with the romantic theme according to your taste.

Skittle Pink Nails with Leopard Design
Skittle Nails with heart and leopard patterns

10.     Half-Moon Nails

Half-moon nail design adds a classic twist to the monochrome designs by contrasting colors. Therefore, half-moon nail designs have become popular for women, who like having fun with colors. They also provide outstanding options for Valentine’s Day nail-art. Explore the moon-shaped valentine nail designs while creatively achieving the love theme.

Red and Pink Half Moon Nails
Red and Neutral Half Moon Nails
Green and Pink Half Moon Nails

11.     Arrow nails

Thinking outside the box? Than here’s a trendy design idea, which can also be applied as valentine’s day nail-art. Arrow nails give you a sharp look, no puns intended. This ideas of valentines nails are peculiar and uncommon but can beautifully supplement your primary valentine nail design. Thus, check out this detailed list to see if arrow nails arouse your interest as part of your Valentine’s attire.

Red and White Arrow and Heart Nail-Art
Red and White Arrow and Heart Nail-Art
Arrow Nail-art with Diamond Ring on it

12.     Pink Valentine’s Nails

Pink is always a very popular color for valentine’s nails. Moreover, you can create different designs with pink valentine’s nails. For example, you can have pink french manicure, little minimalist hearts, or skittle nails. All you need is a detail brush and dotting pen for these amazing valentine’s day nail-art ideas. If your choice of color is pink for this valentine’s day, you should also check these cute valentine’s nail ideas. Besides, you can still be as girly as you want with pink!

pink french manicure with heart shape nail-art
Pink nail-art with glitters and gold rings on fingers
pink nail-art with little heart shapes