Do you spend countless hours browsing different styles of nail art and wishing you could try some for yourself? Do you have the excitement and imagination but lack the guidance to produce perfect nails? If you’re at home looking for nail art inspiration, then you’ve come to the right spot! Here are wonderful DIY short nail art ideas followed by tips and tricks just for you. All the necessary nail-art supplies you need are shown with pictures.

Nail Art with Stamping Plate and tape

Nail Art Brushes

One of the very first must have nail-art supplies is the brush! Using the right Nail Art Brush is important especially for short nails. Thus, a collection of nail art brushes is a great place to start. These brushes will help you build your favorite design with a bewildering range of shapes and sizes available. This guide will help you go with the best brush fit for your nails. Must have nail-art brush types are round brush, striping brush, flat brush, angled brush, fan brush and detail brush.

three types of nail art brushes
types of nail art brushes
Types of Nail Art Brushes of MNP Brand
Different types of nail art brushes on wooden plate
snowflake design on white manicured fingers
step by step thunder nail art design with a brush
Nail Art Brush Types

Nail Art Dotting Tool

Another piece among the must have nail-art supplies is the dotting tool. The nail art dotting tool is a tool for a nail design that resembles a pen on the end. It is found in two versions, double-sided and replaceable tip versions, and they are the most popular. Different ball diameters allow patterns of varying complexity to be created from standard ones to real masterpieces. The points shown in the images on the nails look stylish and original. With the dotting tool, you can draw nail art at home quickly and easily. The very first easy to do nail-art you can have at home with the dotter brush can be the heart shape!

Nail Art Dotting Tool Types
Types of Nail-Art Dotting Tool

Nail Art Tape

Tapes for nail art designs are here to save your time and be more productive with your nail design efforts. Instead of trying hard to get a stylish look for nails, it is a worthy choice to have the specific tape as a tool to improve your designs and take them to the next level. Besides, the easy availability of tape makes this kind of nail art design popular and off-course we have to admit that they look pretty.

Nothing can become easier than this. Take the nail-art tape, place it diagonally over your nail and paint the nail with the desired color. You can either leave the tape to have a different look or, take it off.

So, if you are on the hunt to get inspiration for short nail designs with tapes here are our ideas for stylish looks.

Metallic Nail Art Tapes
Gold Nail Art Tapes
short nail design with nail art tapes
short nail design with gold nail art tapes
diamond shaped nail art tapes
pink nail art tapes
short nail design with nail art tapes
spider web nail art with tapes
star shaped nail art with tapes
short nail design with nail art tapes

Nail Art Decal Stickers

Get your beauty updated with nail art decal stickers. Nail art, when it is done well, can look astonishing. Be that as it may, without preparation or consistent training, it is anything but difficult to goof or worry yourself while endeavoring a planned solo. The uplifting news? Nail stickers are here to help. Once reserved for kids in the playground, nail stickers have been given a serious glow-up. They’re a quick and easy way to pull off a top-tier mani at home. Wear any from the list below:

rose nail decals
flower nail decals

Sunflower Nail Decals

If you are into flowers, brighten up your mani-literally- with these sunflowers decals. A bonus! they are super detailed

sunflower nail decals
sunflower nail decals

Tiny Star Nail Decals

There is no reason not to reach for the stars- or to reach for these star nail decals. They come in several colors including black, white, and pink, kaleidoscope pink, and holographic opal to match your look.

star shape nail decals

Olive and Juice ABC

This decal set from olive and June is the perfect way for you to send a message with your manicure- it even includes examination points, question marks, stars, and hearts for some extra emphasis.

crescent and star shaped nail decals

New Modern Ultra-Thin Nail Art Stickers

Thanks to these super-thin nail stickers, you can make your mani a work of modern art. With contemporary black-and-white geometric designs, the possibilities are endless. Plus, optical 3D shapes add an extra dimension atop a base or clear coat.

YSL Brand logo nail decals

Wild Heart Ultra-Thin Nail Decals

These super-thin nail stickers bring your mani to life with vibrant patterned geometrics and mosaics, in addition to more delicate options like white fringes and flowers.

star shaped nail decals

Nail Stamp and Stamping Plate

A stamping plate is a metal plate that has different designs engraved on them. These designs are the same designs that you will transfer to your nails. In order to transfer the design, a nail stamper is needed.

Here you can find how to use the stamping plate step by step. Firstly, apply the nail polish on the desired design on the plate. Afterwards, remove the excess nail polish with the scraper lace. Lastly, pick up the design from the plate with the stamper using a rolling motion and stamp the design on your nail in a gentle move with rolling motion.

nail art stamping leopard design
nail stamping and plates
Nail Stamping and Plate
Christmas Nail Stamping and Plates
Rose Shaped Nail Stamping Plate
leaf shaped nail stamping and plate
Nail Stamping Plate
Nail Stamping Plate
Marble Shape Nail Stamping Plate
Nail Stamping Tool
Circle Shaped Nail Stamping Plate
Watermelon shaped Nail Stamping Plate
Spaceship Nail Stamping
shamanic nail stamping plate
renaissance art on nail stamping plate
Flower Shaped Nail Stamping Plate

French Plates

Tired of free- handing your French manicure? We know it can be tricky, which is why we have created XL French plates to give your nails perfect French tip nail art with zero hassle. Just line it up and stamp – it is literally that easy. You can even create beautiful gradients, Ombres, fades. Mix and match your polishes to create a one-of-a-kind look.

french manicure stamping plate