New Year means new beginnings so, why not start with a fresh clean look on your nails? Check these neutral color nail-art ideas, and make the start of your 2021 fresh and clean! Any type of nude color usually gives a warm feeling. Therefore, you can see these examples to warm your hearts during this harsh winter times.

1.     Neutral Color Shades

All the best shades of neutral color to give you an idea. I know you want to have them all 🙂

Earth Tones Nail Polish Color Palette

2.     Color Combos

Neutral color combos look very classy. If you make the nail-art from darker tones to lighter ones, your hands will look like a dreamy winterland!

Neutral Color Skittle Nails

3.     A Neutral Color Nail-Art for All Skin Tones

Sometimes, dark skin tones may not go well with all the neutral color nail-art selection. If you are also one of those people that don’t feel comfortable with nude tones, this is just for you! Besides, this purple tone nail polish color is the right choice for almost all seasons.  

Neutral Color Nail-Art

4.     Rosy Nude

Rosy nude is usually the first color comes to mind when we say neural color nail-art. This one is from Orly, and the color name is called “Roam with Me”. You may prefer to put only one coat but, on this picture it is 2 easy coats.

Neutral Color Nail-Art

5.     Neutral Matte Color

When it comes to nail polish, matte colors are always a bit more classy and chic. This is also true for neutral color nail-art. You can take your winter nails one step further with minimalist neon color nail designs.

Matte Nude Nail Polish

6.     Chocolate Like Neutral Color

This chocolate color will look so sweet on your nails. If you want to have the exact same color; this one is from The Gelbottle Inc. Furthermore, the brand is vegan, and certifies as cruelty free!

Chocolate Color Nail Polish

7.     Mixing Matte and Gloss Nail Polish

Here you can see how a matte finishing change the look. So, if you can’t decide between matte or, gloss nail polish for neutral nail-art, go with both! Tip: When your matte finish starts to look shiny, use a alcohol wipe to swipe and you will have that matte look back again.

Matte and Gloss Nail Polish

8.     Dusty Pink

Here’s another ideas if you like neutral color nail-art. This is the Barrett in two coats from Zoya Nail Polish.

Neutral Color Nail-Art Ideas

9.     Neutral Color Makes Fingers Look Thinner

It is not a secret that neutral color nail polish makes the finger look longer and therefore thinner than they are. Especially, you can’t grow your nails easily, pinky colors will be the best option for your short nails.

Neutral Color Nail-Art Ideas

10.     White Coffee Neutral Color Nail-Art

This earth tone will look amazing with all your gold jewelry!  

Neutral Color Nail-Art

11.     White Coffee Combo

In addition to the white coffee neutral color selection, you can make this nail-art into combo style. You can either use a different nail polish on one finger, or differentiating tones of milky coffee on each one.

Milky Coffee Color Nail Polish

12.     Hand Painted Surreal Nail Design

Have a look at the tones from the earth colors palette to choose 2 or 3 brown nail polish. With the help of a tiny piece from a sponge, make your surreal art come true on your neutral color nail-art

Neutral Color Nail-Art Ideas

13.     Light Neutral Shade Color

The simplicity and elegance of light neutral shade will make your fingers look clean and fresh! This color is called warm vanilla on the color palette.

Warm Vanilla Nail Polish
Neutral Color Nail-Art

14.     Glitter Touch

Glitter nail polish is an instant chic touch on your fingers! This one from Cienna Rose gives a sandstorm look. It is not only vegan but also nourishing with the its oil and vitamins.

Glitter Nude Nail Polish

15.     Pink & Cream Inspiration

These two colors match perfectly with each other. You can also try to add some minimalist nail-art design on top.

Neutral Color Nail-Art

16.     Matte and Dark Earth Tones

Here’s another combo of earth tones but this time the colors are darker. This choice of neutral color nail-art will perfectly match your winter life.

Dark Neutral Nail Polish

17.     Leopard Design

Leopard design goes very well with neutral color nail-art. Either you apply the design on each finger or pick one, this nail-art idea is timeless!

Leopard Design Nail-Art

18.     Diamond Nail-Art Design

Nail Diamonds can be an excellent choice for winter. Also, they look just perfect on neutral colored nail-art.

Nail Diamonds Nail-Art

19.     Glossy Vanilla

Here’s another glossy vanilla shade. This color surely looks perfect on short nails!

Nude Color Nail Polish

20.     Brown and Nude Ombre Nail Polish

Here’s another combo of brown and nude earth colors. You can also call this combo “ombre”. Do not forget to check the earth color palette in the very first picture to choose which colors to combine.

Neutral Nail Ombre

21.     Winter Whites

This neutral color nail-art will suit winter fairytale. Such plain tones put forward the rings and accessories your wear.

Winter White Nail Polish

22.     Purple Skittle Nails

Skittle nails mean that each finger different color. Purple and pinky color variety can be the perfect fit for you.

Purple Skittle Nails

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