Pastels are soft and pale colors. Unlike other bright and neon nail paints, these are less bright and less saturated. Short pastel nails are better option as they last longer on a square, coffin or any nail type. Moreover, they have a great variety of colors from simple matte to glitters and metallic; it covers all. Everybody wants fresh and cool colors in spring, we came up with beautiful color schemes for you and also give the way for how to style them. Let’s begin for short nails manicure ideas with pastel colors:

1- Black Mist Almond Shaped Pastel Nails

The mist simply designed almond nails goes viral with the pastel lining. It’s just like an egg with a yolk. Its the best time to start spring with these short almond pastel nails.

spring nails with abstract nail-art of black dots and pastel colors

2. Lemon French Tip Square Nails

To do everyday manicure is tough, just go with the simple French tips. Do color of your favorite tone. These simple and elegant French tips on square nails with a shiny cuticle is best for your daily routine!

lemon yellow french tips on square nails

3. Chevron Tip Oval Nails

French Tips have always been viral due to their simplicity and easiness. This combination of light and dark pastel with a shiny cuticle is fabulous. Must try this for your spring nails!

two colored french tips on short oval nails
pastel french tips on short square nails for spring

4. Gradient Coffin Nails

The blend of colors with their best is a perfect match! Look at the shiny lustrous appearance of these colors on their peak. From pastel yellow to orange and blue, its amazing for spring weddings or hangout with a coffin and spring nails!

skittle pastel nails with coffin shape and extension gel

These fruity almond nails are a mix of peach and strawberry. Must check it out!

peach ombre pastel nails with almond shape

5. Butterfly and Flower Almond Nails for Spring

Spring is God gifted and to celebrate spring is a fine pleasure. Choose a theme of a little garden with a butterfly and painted Daisy. A French tip looks like a fairy rainbow emerging from the clouds. This beautiful celebration of Spring by designing Spring Nails on short Almond nails. Make sure to keep the nail bed nude to give a natural look!

pastel spring nails with side french tips and daisy nail art

6. Pastel Swirls on Almond Spring Nails

Fun patterns of pastel with beautiful rainbow shades with an amazing color palette is less saccharine and more charming.

pastel swirl nails with almond shape
swirl nail art with pastel colors on almond shaped nails
pastel swirl nails with almond shape

7. Top Daisies on Almond Nails

A presentation of Daisies on the top of Nails is a clear depiction of Spring Arrival. Springtime offers the best ideas for nail design due to its vast flower range. Painting Daisies instead of simple lining is an innovation to French Tips. Must try this on Spring Almond nails!

pastel daisies on short almond nails

8. Trendy Smoke on Almond Nails

Apart from flowers and minimal creatures, something incredible is always challenging. See the colored smoke spreading on nails locked in a coated gel. This looks fascinating with metallic flakes on almond nails. Enjoy spring with colored smoke on short spring nails.

abstract nail art with pastel colors on short almond nails

9. Lilac Daisies on Almond Nails

Apart from the worries of white Daisies, go for these lavender daisies on spring Nails. A chain of daisies in pastel lilac is beyond beauty. Get yourself innovations rather than being fulfilling real colors. Make your imaginary world of Pastel Nails!

pastel daisies with swirls on short almond nails
pastel daisies with swirls on short almond nails
daisy nail art and colorful french tips on short almond nails

10. Spring Cherries on Almond Nails

Instead of creatures and lively flowers, go for the blossoming pastel cherries. These pastels give cherries a new way of living bringing them on Almond Nails. These cute little cherries on Short Pastel nails look as amazing as a cherry garden with painted white French tips.

pastel cherry nail art on short almond nails for spring

11. Marshmallow Flowers on Almond Nails

The connection of pastel flowers with a glittery cuticle is what spring nails want. If you go in-depth, make use of variant petals by coloring them differently. Inserting a bead in center, completes a flower. This is the best way to adore your almond nails!

spring flower nail art on pastel nails with almond shape

This green and pink with wide flowers on oval nails is honestly an antique piece of nature!

spring pastel nails with flowers

12. Royal Waves on Oval Nails

Add something natural to your nails. Nothing is pleasing then adding nature! See how the light and dark waves in its full wing are presenting nature. Adding a glimpse of gold flakes give your short nails a royal shape. These oval spring nails go viral and trendy with wedding outfits!

blue abstract nails with pastel colors

13. Metallic Charm on Spring Almond Nails

Those who avoid embellished and complicated designs must adopt this lustrous innovation on spring nails. The use of pastels with a shiny cuticle is just amazing. This goes best with weddings and little hangouts. Go and make others fall on you with these short almond nails!

skittle pastel nails with almond shape

Simple nail paint with a shine cuticle on square nails is all you pick to go with casual wearing!

pastel purple nails with coffin shape for spring

14. Abstract Nail Art on Almond Nails

A simple and elegant design to wear at home just needs pastel and a little swirl on nails. This pastel nail art looks perfect with a nude color. Be a kind of Miss Perfect in your home!

pastel swirl nails with almond shape for spring
abstract nail art on short square nails with pastel colors
blue abstract nail art for spring on short coffin nails

To give your nails a luxury look, the use of foil gel will enhance the clarity and beauty of swirls.

gold studded pastel nails with abstract nail art

Fill one curl with fine glitter to merge the beauty of two pastels on almond nails.

abstract nail art with pastel colors on short almond nails

15. Mini Squares on Almond Nails

These mini pastel squares on spring nails look like mini eggs served with sprinkled black pepper. Instead of nude, use of a pastel pink base reflects a genuine and saccharine look.

short almond nails with mini egg speckled squares

16. Pastel French Tip Square Nails

Being French tip lovers, its hard to give up tip design especially on square nails. This beautiful creation of light pastels with bright lining is just amazing. This looks like a candy with mint, strawberry and berry topping. A perfect match for spring!

colorful pastel french tips on short square nails

17. Gradient French tips on Square Nails

These ombre nails with a gradient look perfect. Go for it if you are confused between colors. Just fuse them together and see the shocking results. Go to friends meeting and they will fall!

ombre french tips on spring nails with pastel colors

18. Matte Bands on Natural Pastel Nails

Although matte seems dull and rough, it’s good for formal events and daily routine. Keep yourself motivated by variant color bands on natural nail shape and color. Just apply matte band and mark your spring!

matte pastel nails with skittle nail art

19. Side Tip Almond Nails

Apart from French tips, make your side tips painted. These vibrant colors in their glossy appearance reveal the shine and bright charm of your almond nails. Pastel colors are light though reveals a natural look to pastel nails.

side tip almond nails with pastel colors

For oval nails, elaborate it with a center glitter line to make it appropriate!

side tip oval nails with pastel colors for spring
side tip oval nails with pastel colors

For square nails, make a pointed edge. Fill it with rainbow colors!

side ombre tips with pastel colors on short square nails

20. Half Filled Square Nails

To make your square nails shape longer, increase their strength. Make them shine with double shades. This looks impressive in vibrant colors. Keep the other color same for all nails to carry on symmetry.

half filled short coffin nails with pastel colors

21. Peach Square Nails

What else is beautiful then fruits? Drop some nature on your square nails by drawing peaches. Cover it with cuticle oil to lock the design and lustrous appearance. This looks breathtaking!

peach nail art on short square nails with pastel colors

22. Pastels Drip on Almond Nails

Drop your love for someone and make it fall through Almond nails. This mint candy pastel on one end is soothing the hearts. Pastel nails are better than ordinary nail paints!

pastel swirls on short almond nails for spring

For short coffin nails, here is how your pastels drip!

blue abstract nail art on short square nails

23. Galaxy Pastel waves on Almond Nails

Let’s come to the shore and enjoy the waves! These pastel nails add glamour with galaxy stars on them. A white lining to promote the waves is just amazing. So how are you enjoying your spring almond nails?

pastel waves and swirls on short almond nails

24. Evil Eye Pastel Nails

Protect yourself from evil eyes by painting evil eyes on oval nails. Little chunks of gold flakes with a separation swirl line are good to go. A shiny layered gel will lock what’s inside and add a finishing touch. This is what you desire!

evil eye nail art on pastel nails with almond shape

25. Simple Pastel Nails

Make your nails look natural and simple by simply paint them in Pastel colors. Pastel nails look beautiful on every nail shape.

skittle pastel nails with square shape
pastel skittle nails with square shape

26. Striped Pastel Square Nails

The perfect design for spring is striped pastel art for your spring nails. Celebrate spring with these vibrant colors because spring is a word for flowers and colors!

short square nails with pastel stripes

To make several layers, make multiple curves to give almond nails a rainbow look.

pastel rainbow nail art on short almond nails

27. Half Heart Nail Art on Almond Nails

A little scroll on a nail bed like a half heart with different pastels is actually amazing. Pastels are mostly used in vibrant colors as they add glamour when using differently rather than a single paint. Have fun with spring with pastels on short almond nails!

pastel swirl nails with almond shape

28. Pastel Checks on Almond Nails

This bright and light pastel combination is exemplary. Just fill the boxes with pastels and create your design. This one is tricky though beautiful!

pastel checkered abstract nail art on short almond nails

29. Dreamy Pastel Nails

Design your pastel nails with fun and bright colors. The bright colored middle finger is the center of attraction. Along with these, dreamy index nail art and marshmallow flowers are mesmerizing. Designing each fingernail is another world of creation!

pastel nails with daisy and abstract nail art

30. Pink Ribbon Square Nails

The most elegant and fine nail category falls in this design. Draw tow fine lines on tips and the design is ready. This goes best with hoodies and sweaters!

pastel pink french tips on short square nails

31. Tie Die Square Nail Art

Tie-die that has been trending on sweats has now made its way to the beauty industry. These are easy to design and don’t require any technical art. Just make layers and apply nail dots on square nails and merge them together to create abstract art. This is a kind of abstract art that is full of emerging colors!

rainbow ombre nails with square shape
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