Are you a pink lover? Either acrylic or natural, nail colors come in various colors with a wide range of tones. Whether matte or shiny, pink is always on top of the girls list. However, designing with single color can be dull sometimes. We came up with amazing designs of pink nails that will enhance your short nail design look for summer nails. Scroll down to see amazing nail ideas:

1. Chrome Pink Almond Nails

The best energy and time saver! Chrome pink is best for short acrylic nails. Almond nails look great and it appears like little fish oil capsules. It is a great idea for short acrylic nails.

pink chrome nails

2. Side Tips Mani on Square Nails

Pick up two variant colors of pink and paint them around the corners. A beautiful junction of combining colors is formed. It gives sharp look on square nails. If you are comfortable with acrylic nails, this short nail design will look chic.

side french tips on square shaped manicure

For single pink colors, look at this variation.

side french tips
layered side french tips

3. Pink Character Nail Art

Make face characters with a detail nail art brush and little pink creative art on nails. Drawing art looks perfect on nails.

abstract nail art with square shape

4. Rough Nail Art on Oval Nails  

Pick up your favorite colors in contrast with pink and apply them like a rough brush paint style. It is a unique way to show up short nails as a simple and elegant look.

neon abstrach nail art with almond shape

5. Pink Leopard Skin Nails

Come out of brown and give leopard nail art your desired color. Being a girl, prefer pink for leopard nails, and you can give your favorite color to acrylic nails.

Leopard nail art with square shape
leopard nail art with square shape

6. Pink Fashion Nails

For casual routine or every day, if you want to last manicure then simply go for plain nail art. You can go with any nail color that suits your skin. However, pink nails are neutral!

almond nails with bright pink colors
almond shaped acrylic nail

7. Neon Pink Drip Nails

Let the essence of pink drip from the short nails. You can also contrast light and dark. However, the addition of tea pink grains on the drip will make it look like an icecream drip.

ice cream nail art

8. Pink French Nails

French nails are always trending due to their simple, elegant and quick application. You don’t need to look for a manicure. It can be applied at home easily. Square nails make the best French tips.

baby pink french tips with square shape
bright pink french tips

If you have almond acrylic nails, your French tip will have a high bent on the tip. This shows up abruptly!

baby pink french tips on almond nails

9. Pink Swirl Nails with Square Shape

Acrylic nails are best covered with swirls. The creamy pink with bright pink fits best for swirl design. For summer nails, pink is the best therapy!

swirls nail art

In spite of spaced swirls, close swirls are good too.

swirly nail art

If you are going to a party, you can add golden glitter and make a swirl with it. It will give a royal look.

swirls nail art

10. Sage Green and Pink Acrylic Nails

Make irregular patterns and fill it with the combination of sage green and pink for your summer nails.

abstract nail art

11. Gold Flake Nail Design

What makes your nails look expensive are gold flakes. Apply gold flakes on short nails. The best combination ever!

pink nails with gold flakes

12. Border Line of Pink and Yellow

Simply polish your nails with fresh pink color and on one or two nails make thin lines that capture both colors. It can be a combination of pink and yellow. Choose what suits you best!

neon stripes nail art on short oval nails

13. Pink Polka Nail Art On Almond Nails

Pick up your favorite pinks and sprinkle polka dots on a transparent base. Keeping the other nails in bright pink will enhance its appearance.

Polka Dots Nail Art on Short Acrylic Nails

You can also apply gold flakes on transparent nail polish. This simple nail art looks classy on short acrylic nails with coffin shape.

Short Acrylic Nails with Coffin Shape

14. Inspirational Almond Nails

Don’t confuse about pink, make girly design by the of colors. Choose white, pink or black in addition to gold flakes. If you don’t know what to make, just grab the acrylic colors and make abstract art out of it.

abstract nail art on short gel nail

15. Short Leaf Nails

Matte nails will go perfect for this leafy structure. Choose black for leaves and forget the reality of colors.

neon pink nails with abstract design

16. Pink Marble Nails

A beautiful fusion of different colors give a marble texture. Pink marble is absolutely a great idea for summer nails to beat the summer heat.

pink marble nails with almond shape

17. Neon Pink with Blue Spark

Just one color can be boring on nails. Contrasting colors make it interesting and enchanting.

short shellac nail

18. Candy Nails

The gel coating over oval nails makes the nail paint look lustrous and shiny. The combination of light and dark is always satisfying!

short gel nail with hybrid design

You can also choose two colors and make a paddle pop ice cream out of it. It looks amazing!

abstract nail art on acrylic nails with almond shape

19. Rainbow Summer Nails

The emergence of a rainbow on pink sky is full of fantasy yet beautiful. Pink nails are an esthetic way of designing summer nails and serve as a good base color.

gel nail with rainbow nail art

20. Double Cuff and Dot Nails

Make your nails covered from top and bottom. Double cuff summer nail is a new entry in the world of nail art. You can make your design on French tips like dots or check.

double cuff nail art on short almond nail

21. Yin Yang Nail Art Acrylic Nails

Spread the message of harmony by designing the “harmony” symbol. Here, for nails, you can keep two colors in harmony with each other.

yin yang nail art on gel nail

22. Matte Pink Summer Mani

Nothing is mesmerizing than realistic matte nails. Light matte pink gives the nail an aesthetic and stunning look that will make others fall on you!

cute pink nails

23. Multi-Colored Swirls

Those who get fascinated by bright colors, must use the trio of colors for summer nail ideas. Triple swirls are fantastic and enhance the beauty of nails.

swirl nails
gel nails with abstract nail art
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