If you enjoy having your nails done but can’t always make it to the salon, it’s time to consider press on nails. It is the most recent simple-to-use fake nail innovations that are the unsung heroes of at-home manicures. Below we’ve shared 32 press on nail ideas for you to pick a style that fits your everyday lifestyle. But before proceeding, let’s know a little more about press on nails!

What Are Press On Nails?

Press on nails, also defined as glue-on nails, are simply artificial nails that are made from acrylic resin. These faux nails are super easy to apply with glue, and they can last you up to two-three weeks, depending on how properly you apply on nails and take care of them.

Why Should You Choose Press On Nails?

The best thing about press on nails is they don’t chip and never lose their natural shape or shine. If any nail pops off early, you can easily clean it with the alcohol, smooth the edges, and glue it right back on. Besides, they are available in different styles, shapes, and colors.

What Are The Benefits of Press On Nails?

A few of the benefits of press on nails are:

  • They don’t damage your natural nails
  • Press on nails are affordable
  • They are easy to apply and take-off
  • Reusable

1. Pink Glitter Press On Nails

Show off your creative skills with this unique pink glitter nail design. The combination of glitter and plain pink color will look chic.

almond shaped press on nails

2. Coral Sunset Nail Design

This sunset nail design on a round nail shape is sure to make a statement. It is simple yet looks elegant. Use a gel top coat for extra shine on your nails.

short orange nail

3. Royal Blue Matte Nails

A classy way to represent press on nails is with an intense color like royal blue. The matte blue nail polish shows the world that you are fun, youthful, and ready to try new things.

royal blue matte press ons

4. Cute Spring Coffin Nails

This design is a cute spring nail art that is both adorable and light. The green, white, and pink flowers on the middle and ring finger look astonishing and natural.

coffin shape press ons for spring

5. Hot Pop Pink Press On Nails

Hot pink is one of the most popular colors to place on nails. If you don’t like to go overboard with different colors, choose the set of these press on nails that can go from casual to fancy with comfort.

almond shaped pop pink press ons

6. Diamond Press On Nails

This design is for those who love coating their nails with rhinestones that reflect diamonds. The two fingertips are decorated with silver stones, and the rest painted with a white base looks stunning.

white glittery nail design

7. Adorable Bunny Design On Nails

Pastel pink nails with adorable bunny and flower designs on almond nails are simply cute. If you like pink nails with a twist, this is something you must try.

bunny design press on sets

8. Pretty and Unique

This square-shaped nail design is for those who have different but can’t decide. The pop of different colors on a pink nude base compliments each other and is a summer fit.

square shape press ons

9. Funky French Manicure

A French manicure is both elegant and timeless. This attractive nail design on almond nails looks beautiful without being over the top. The pastel color dotted design around the edges of the nail looks stunning.

funky french mani press on sets

10. Dainty Gold Star Nails

With this delicate manicure, you can dip your fingers into gold stars. This nail design is a beautiful way to enhance the subtle nail color.

short almond shaped nude nails

11. Blue Tie Dye Mani

The blue tie-dye nails are an excellent option for someone new to experimenting with different nail designs. The coffin nails look pretty natural and mesmerizing with a blue leaf imprint on the ring finger.

tie dye nail art

12. Gingerbread Press on Nails

If Christmas tree shopping is your favorite part of the holidays, you will love this gingerbread man press on nails. This nail art will look fabulous on the short nails as well.

gingerbread christmas press ons

13. Blue and White Coffin Nails

For those who prefer simple nail art designs, try these blue and white nails with a hint of flower on the middle finger, which gives the epitome of gracefulness.

tie dye press on nails

14. Pastel Color Nails

Put a modern whirl on a classic by trying these round-shaped press on nails. The partition of two pastel colors looks super clean and is ideal for your everyday look.

baby pink half french mani

15. Evil Eye Half-French Mani

Welcome, all the positive vibes by trying this evil eye nail design with half-french mani, which looks really flattering on the long almond nails with a nude base.

evil eye nail art on side french tips

16. Lines with Hint of Silver Glitter

The most unmatchable color combination when it comes to a geometrical mani is blue and pearl white. That hint of glitter on the top of white polish makes this design ideal for weekend fun.

beautiful press on nail set

17. Feminine Florals Matte Nails

Matte black may appear to be a tricky color choice, but pairing it with pastel florals for a feminine nail glance will force you to wear these nails regularly.

black and white matte nail design

18. Holographic Black French Mani

Holographic nails have such a calm and modern twist to them. If you want a look that catches the light, this press on nail is the one for you.

black french mani press on set

19. Minimalistic Marble Mani

A light and delicate grey nail color is paired with two marble accent nails. These reusable press on nails are understated and easy to wear if you work with hands but still need cute nails.

white marble press on set

20. Glossy Black Nails with Gold Stud

Less is more with these beautiful black and gold nails. The outstanding glossy black sparkle in the correct light and the gold studs will keep it from looking too gothic or dark.

black and white minimalist nail art

21. Subtle Grey Marble Nail Art

A subtle marbling on a few nails with glitter on one nail adds a delicate touch to the manicure. It has a sophisticated look, thanks to the grey polish with hints of white marbling.

summer white press ons

22. Daisy Flower Nail Art

Nothing states spring like a bouquet of daisies. Make them stand out by using a bright yellow color on each nail. These press ons are really to look for this season.

yellow daisy print press on set

23. Press On French Manicure

This variation adds an elegant spin to a classic manicure. Instead of a straight line, try this V-shaped press on manicure to add elegance, sparkle, and glamour all in one.

V shape french mani

24. Simple White Square Press On Nails

Sometimes the simplest things are the most fabulous. These classic white nails make a statement and are sure to enhance any dress you wear.

white press on nails

25. Espresso Swirl Design Press On Nails

Treat your tips to some drizzle of chocolate swirls. These espresso nails are so calm to look at, and the best thing is they are press ons, so it is effortless to obtain the same look.

swirl design press ons

26. Yellow Daisy Press On Nails

Pair the cute daisy flowers with vibrant yellow nails to step up your manicure game. This nail design will look ravishing on all nail shapes, especially coffin nails.

yellow daisy press on set

27. Pretty Neon Press On Nails

Try this neon nail art design that will look elegant. Also, press on nails like this will give you the best of both worlds as they look chic as well as trendy.

neon press on nails

28. Adorable Strawberry Press On Nails

This cheerful strawberry nail print will brighten up your day. It has all the essence of a strawberry captured in red and white hues. These are easy to wear and best suitable for almond nails.

strawberry design press on sets

29. Colorful Short Nail Design

Rock the hot pink and vibrant faux nails with geometric patterns. These nails are great for summers, and they can perfectly match classy and minimalist outfits.

tribal design press ons

30. White Flame Nail Design

Flame nails are one of the prominent and hottest nail trends. It is easy to wear and looks elegant on coffin nails, as white is a classic nail color, and it complements the nude base amazingly.

white flame nail art

31. Rose Gold Chrome Press On Nails

Rose gold is a fashionable color because it can go with any outfit and has a softer feminine feel to it. This nail design is available in press on nail packs.

almond shape rose gold chrome nails

32. Black and White Abstract Nail Art

If you love the cosmos theme, you must try these magical press on nails, which look adorable with the nude base color.

black and white abstract nails
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