If you are looking to add colors to your life, go for this rainbow swirl nails. It offers the various color range and can be applied efficiently at home. It’s a kind of abstract art that offers you various illustrations, emojis, designs and creations. One thing is necessary it includes natural entities on nails. Scroll down to see where you can put a rainbow on summer nails!

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1. Rainbow Swirl Nails with Square Shape

Wear all colors in one with rainbow swirls on summer nails. Choose your favorite pastel colors and make multiple swirls.

colorful short square nails

You can also make swirls on two or more fingers by keeping other nails plain.

pastel colored short oval nails for spring

2. Rainbow Swirls Nail Art

Rainbow nail-art has a lot to offer. You can modify a rainbow with clouds by keeping the base transparent to make it dreamy and gorgeous.

rainbow swirl nails with cloud nail art
rainbow swirl nails

Almond nails give a high coverage to rainbow. Keep it real and natural by making the base nude. You can remove complexity by painting a rainbow on one nail and keeping the other two plain with clouds. It looks like a sky with an emerging a rainbow.

rainbow swirl nails with almond shape

3. Add Some Flowers on Nail Design

Rainbows have beautiful relation with flowers. However, melting rainbow pastels will give your short nail design a real look. The addition of flowers nail-art beautifies its presence.

flower nail art on short nails

4. Bright Rainbow Swirl Nails

Rainbow swirl nails are one of the trending hottest nails as they add fun to nails with their amazing colors. You can make your favorite patterns and can move the nail brush freely on your nail design.

colorful swirly nail design
swirly nail designon very short nails

5. French Tips with Rainbow on Almond Nails

One of the unique style to show rainbow art is on French tips. Almond nails have a real rainbow shape. Hence, make it more gorgeous. Let´s create your dream world.

rainbow swirl nails with almond shape
french tips on rainbow swirl nails

6. Shaky Rainbow Swirl Nails

It’s quite unreal to see rainbow-colored waves, but this can happen in the world of nail art. Shake the waves and lock them in a glittery layer.

glittery swirls nail art on short almond nails

7. Wavy Daisies on Almond Nails

If you know color contrasting, make it possible. White daisies make a perfect match with pastel mountains. It looks like spring in summer.

daisy nail art on short almond nails

8. Smiley Faces Emoji Nail Art

Nothing is more beautiful than bringing a smile to others face. You see your hands much so why not do a manicure that will serve as a reason for happiness. Make smiley faces with different colors and styles.

smiley emoji nail art on short almond nails

9. Rainbow Swirl Nails Dripping Nail-Art

When it comes to nail, you can have every creativity on it. Those who live in fantasies can go for rainbow drip nails. This rainbow swirl nails looks amazing while falling.

rainbow drip nail art on almond nails

10. Rainbow Swirl Nails In The Galaxy

Make rainbow swirl nails with your favorite variant colors and spread them on a galaxy base. This goes amazing for parties and hangouts.

eassy nail art on very short nails

If you love clouds in the sky, you can give the sky a variation of colors. Colors illustrate a fantasy world.

rainbow swirl nails with square shape

11. Inspirational Rainbow Hearts and Eyes

Try this unique trio of rainbow, heart and eyes for summer nails. The beautiful striped colors with a heart at the end seems like a medal for summer nails.

heart and rainbow nail art on short square nails

12. Tie Dye Rainbow Nail Art

You haven´t come across with these beautiful nail designs before! The fusion of bright colors in the form of waves gives a clear aroma of summer vibes on your nail-art. Keep the base nude to demonstrate the nail design more clearly!

tie dye nail art on short almond nails

13. Rainbow Swirls Over Black

Let the shine of variant colors prevails on the dark sky. Black absorbs all!

simple nail art on very short nails

14. Rainbow Nail Art on French Tips

Edging your nails with colors give it a unique appearance. Neither dramatic nor bright. This is a simple design you can opt for complementary colors like pastel blue, yellow or pink.

rainbow nail art on gel nails

15. Orange Almond Nails

If you want to concentrate on one color along with a combination of other colors. Go for these unique almond summer nails. However, the addition of dotted flower enhances the presence of colors.

rainbow tips on almond nails

16. Colored Almond Nails

Make your wonderland by creating colorful nails. The best thing about colored nails is that they can be worn with multiple dresses. They neither get dull nor fade out.

abstract nail art on short almond nails

17. Swirls on Summer Coffin Nails

Make a duo of nail colors and tie them with a knot. Hence, several swirls tied together seems interesting on coffin nails. Always prefer a bright and a light combination.

swirls nails on short coffin nails

18. Rainbow Tip Nails

If you have short nails, the best way to carry design and creativity is multiple striped nails. The dark-colored rainbow stripes will enhance the nails by showing them longer and spaced.

colorful nail art
rainbow swirls french tips

19. Sky View on the Nails

Ever noticed the sky after rain? The static water, dew drops, rainbow and the clouds. Why not style them on nails? Each finger demonstrates that better days are coming!

pastel nails with coffin shape

20. Cute Oval Nails

Summer nails need to be creative and funky. Make hidden symbols on fingernails! It’s creative and mysterious.

skittle nail art on short oval nails

21. Tie Dye Rainbow Swirl Nails

Choose multiple colors and put one over the other. This will amazingly turn up into a melted circular motion of rainbow colors. Keep base nude or white to make it more vivid.

tie dye nails
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