In a world of choices, fashion is on its peak. The Fashion industry is growing so fast that there is more competition not even in celebrities but in public too. However, when it comes to nail art, it is the most delicate fashion. A right nail artist is always a necessity. Those who are not aware of the short acrylic nails will come to know through this blog. Because acrylic nails is one of the best options among the fake nails.

Acrylic nail design is a nail extension, applied on fingernails. Some designs reveal a fresh real look while others give only an artistic look. However, they are versatile in its shape, design, size and durability. You can adopt any shape to your nails like square, oval, coffin, round, and almond nails. Much more is coming!

Read this whole blog to have a view of fashion in the world of nail acrylics:

1. Painted V French Short Acrylic Nails

Those who want mountain peak by keeping nails square can get by V French short acrylic nails. V French is designed to keep the edges pure white or any, with no other color and the base mostly light pink or can be of your choice. Look at this picture how well the V French is created by combining black and pink.

Black V French Acrylic Nails

You can also make a small design on the tips like leopard design or dotted design. See the final look of leopard nails:

Leopard V French Nails

2. Short Square Acrylic Nail

Keeping the nails short but creative is still a necessity. Look at the combination of ivory white as a base color and purple butterflies flying over it. You can paint your creature or style. Moreover, the use of small beads makes it fancier. Keeping nails white is still trending!

short square acrylic nails with butterfly stickers and studs on

By keeping nails simple, you can sprinkle gold glitter over the nail. To avoid mess up, this looks great. See how it looks:

short acrylic nails with nude colors and gold glitters

You can also make a combination of glitter and pink butterflies like this:

short pink acrylic nails with butterfly stamp design

3. Glittery Silver Acrylic Nails

Weddings and hangouts demand formal nail paint. Black is all in one beauty. However, adding a touch of silver in ring finger enhances its clarity. You can choose your acrylic color like a light pink with silver, or golden too. Painting one finger differently exposes luxurious manicure and gives a sense of fashion.

short black acrylic nails with silver glitter on one finger

4. Square French Tips Nails

The aesthetic way to show your nails is keeping it as simple as possible. This can be done by painting white acrylics on the border of nails. See how this exquisite nail art looks like:

square french tips on short acrylic nails

5. Gold Flake Design

Gilding flakes come in different colors usually from yellow to silvery. Its composition is 24k, 22k or 12k. Applying flakes usually gold and metallic enhance the beauty of nails. See how gold flakes give nails a magnificent look after apply:

peach acrylic nails with gold flakes on

6. Knit Sweater Design

Cozy sweater designs are trending everywhere on social media. To enjoy your winter and give your nails a perfect cozy look, knit sweater design or fleece designs in your customized colors will do the best.

knitted sweater design on short acrylic nails

7. Marble Design on Short Acrylic Nails

Marble design on nails seems amazing though. A blend of different colors floating around gives marble texture to nails. You can also add a chunk of Swarovski crystals to give it an aesthetic look. See how a blend of peach color looks like in marble design:

short nude acrylic nails with marble design and studs on

If you prefer living creatures, you can put gold butterflies on marble art design. See how it looks:

black V french acrylic nails with butterfly stickers

8. Short Matte Acrylic Nails

Matte colors are neither shiny nor glossy. Inspite of all these, they are liked by millions of people. Having a matte texture on the nails give it a surface look. Matte comes in different colors. These are dull and flat, however, you can make it shine by applying resin. See how matte is applied on small coffin nails:

short acrylic nails with eart tones and white glitters on little finger nail

9. Short Oval Acrylic Nails

You might like square or coffin nails. But, have you ever thought about oval nails? See how an outline is made with white acrylic. Glamour on its peak!

short oval pink acrylic nails with ombre glitters

10. Stripes Design on Short Acrylic Nails

The most pleasing and beautiful design is the check design. White check on a black base with red simple nail color is all you need for a hangout. This design works best with casual wearings or family parties. This design overcomes all ambiguity about nail art.

short acrylic nails with stripes design

11. Short Almond Acrylic Nails

Nails can be of many shapes and designs, the almond shape is next to square. The Almond shape gives extra space to design and show creativity. This shape sounds good with frocks and short wearings. See how gracefully the leopard design is created on almond nails:

leopard acrylic nails with skittle design

12. Flower Design on Short Acrylic Nails

If you love nail art and want to keep it as simple as possible. You can show some creativity by painting a simple flower, you can also give a leaf texture to nails or some petals. See how a beautician has given flower texture to only one nail by keeping other nails as simple in color.

pink and white acrylic nails with flower design on

13. Soft Beaded Nails

An ombre soft look embellished with few beads gives an authentic satisfying look to your nails and dress. A blend of light brown coffee color with white is revealing smoky look to your nails. click to see below:

nude square acrylic nails with diamond studs on

14. Black French on Short Acrylic Nails

A sparkle of silver glitter on the short acrylic nails gives a fine and cute look to your square nails. Moreover, if you want to amplify the creativity, outline the tip with your favorite black acrylic.

French Tips on Glittered Acrylic Nails on tattood hands

To have a transparent glittery look on your short acrylic nails, check this out:

glittery nude acrylic nails with square shape

15. Star Design on Short Acrylic Nails

Fashion belongs to all ages i.e. from teenage to adulthood. If you are school going and love doing nail art. What works best for your nails is small creations like stars, galaxies, dots and checks. This design would go best with sweaters and hoodies. See how it works:

nude square acrylic nails with star design on

Check out how sky blue and white are fixing each other with focused butterflies:

blue and white acrylic nails with butterfly stamp on

16. Black Heart Design on Short Acrylic Nails

Ever thought about the combination of pink and grey? See how this small black heart is linking grey with pink. An amalgam of love and peace!

grey and pink acrylic nails with heart shape design

17. Short Nude Acrylic Nails

Things get easier when you keep them simple. Match the color of your nails and when you apply, it looks nude as it matches your skin tone. Nude colors are still trending and come in different colors. Choose color based on your skin tone!

nude acrylic nails

moreover, if you add a touch of creativity with a nude base, it looks perfect. You can do like this:

nude and white acrylic nails with square shape

18. Shell Design on Short Acrylic Nails

Those who know creativity can do whatever you want on nails. if you have a right nail technician then must to this tortoiseshell design on your nails. it looks amazing with its colors. It looks like caramel is evenly spread over the nails. In the last, when the gel is applied to it, it gives a shiny and lustrous appearance.

leopard design acrylic nails

19. Slush Fairy Acrylic Nails

Slush fairy is a cover powder that makes the look of your nail bed extended. It protects from any damage and scratches. Click the link below to see how this works and why it looks like a fairy:

glittery pink acrylic nails

20. Marshmallows Design Nails

marshmallow is the best color for your nails. It looks great and wouldn’t affect your skin tone. If you don’t know about marshmallow color, click the link below:

marshmallow and chrome nail art on short nails

21. Orange French Short Acrylic Nails

If you want to promote the tips of nails, color them with acrylic. Here is the beautiful combination of nude with orange. An oval tip better outlines that other. See below:

orange color french manicure

22. Plain Acrylic Nails

What else looks beautiful than simplicity? Application of plain nail acrylics and a coating of gel will deliver a gorgeous look. Check out:

skittle earth tones nail art on square nails with acrylic
purple square nails with acrylic

23. Snow Flake Nail-Art on Short Acrylic Nails

Wearing red is always awesome. When it ends with red nail paint and embellished with gold snowflakes, it looks worthy. The art of gold flakes is trending, as it focuses on grace and delicacy.

Short Matte Red Acrylic Nails with Gold Star

24. White French Acrylic Nails

Sculptured nails are acrylic nails that take the form of a specific shape. It can take any form like coffin, square or almond. You will simply tell your nail artist and he will do it for you. These nails last for two or three weeks. See how this nude colored is delicately sculptured with round square white edges. Click to see below:

acrylic nails with french tips

25. Rainbow French Acrylic Nails

Those who like colors and want to apply in real can manage to have rainbow tips. A beautiful collection of colors blend into each other will give your nail tips a marvellous and appealing glance. See below:

rainbow french tips on acrylic nails

26. Short Ombre Acrylic Nail Design

Ombre art results when two colors smoothly mere into each other. It can be a combination of dark and light. However, it can be of different texture or colors. Look how beautifully these colors are graduating:

white ombre nail art on acrylics

27. Nude Acrylic Nails with Heart Design

Doing acrylics on one nail is fun. When you want to focus on one finger, must do it. See how these creamy hearts are displaying fondness and attachment.

nude acrylic nails with heart nail art

28. Comme Des Garçons Nail-Art

A unique style that is grabbing traffic is painted nail art. A layer of the cuticle is nail oil applied on hand made nail art. Cuticle layer gives it a shiny and smooth surface reflecting glow and fresh skin tone. See how it works:

nude and red short acrylic nails
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