Short acrylic nails with coffin shape are the best designed and trending nails as they give more space for creativity. Moreover, coffin shaped summer nails are in demand with their wide range of colors and sparks. From light and fresh to bright and clear colors, you will find a huge range of short acrylic nails ideas for short coffin nails in summer. Scroll down to choose your favorite design for summer nails.

1. Blue Ripples for Short Acrylic Nails

If you love doing simple and easy tasks, go for the amazing swirls design in the range of blue colors. Contrast is everything!

blue swirls nail-art on acrylics
neon pink swirls nail art on coffin shaped acrylics

Lime and pink swirls are particularly depicting summer vibes in a fantastic way!

pink and yellow swirls nail art on coffin shaped acrylics

2. Pink Drips on Coffin Nails

Drop your love for pink acrylics, and let it drip from the nail tip. This will amazingly go attractive with the combination of white with pink!

coffin shaped short acrylic nails

3. Dual Nail Art for Coffin Nails

If you are creative and love to fuse colors. This side tip is for you! You can add transparent color in contrast or you can add your favorite color.

french nail art on short acrylics
colorful french tips on acrylics for summer
V Shaped french tips on acrylics for summer

4. Purple Acrylic Nail Design

To avoid mess and time waste, go for the simple application of purple nail paint for acrylic coffin nails!

purple summer nails with coffin shape
pink and purple gradient nails

5. Heart Line on Coffin Nails

Love hearts? It’s an amazing idea to put hearts in line and express your love for someone. Choose your combination for coffin nails. black and white go viral!

cow pattern nail art on acrylics

Instead of a chain, you can spread white hearts on coffin nail’s space.

little hearts nail art on coffin shaped acrylics

6. Green Colored Short Acrylic Nails

Choose your favorite green and apply it to short acrylic nails. Pick up a thin brush and draw your favorite design to enhance its color. Apply some glitter on one of the nails and enjoy!

pistachio green nail polish on short acrylic nails

7. Gradient Short Acrylic Nails

Summer presents light and refreshing colors. The gradient of light colors like pink blue and orange would go viral and trendy. This is an amazing idea for summer!

gradient pastel colored acrylic nails

8. Funky French Tips on Short Acrylic Nails

Apart from light colors, short coffin nails make things better with bright colors. Use two contrasting colors of bright and light and apply on short summer nails. This is mesmerizing and attractive!

colorful french tips on acrylics

9. Rose Waves on Coffin Nails

A beautiful blend of rose pink with golden glitters is an amazing gift to summer nail ideas. This idea goes best for little parties and hangouts.

pink marble nail art on short acrylics

10. Pastel Blue Waves on Short Coffin Nails

Pastels are always trendy due to their amazing color contrasts. Simply drawing blue waves on coffin nails goes best for sunny days.

short acrylic nails

11. Orange Swirls on Short Acrylic Nails

Those who like funky colors and avoid any mess. This design is best as it removes the ambiguity of complexity with bright motions of acrylics. Just make your brush move a bit!

orange swirls on short acrylic nails
red swirls on short acrylic nails

12. Baby Pink Short Acrylic Nails

If you want to listen great! Rush for this amazing design. Pointing one nail with another little creativity is good!

white marble nail art on acrylics

13. Rainbow Swirls with Colored Base

Get a break from the plain nail polish and make swirls on it. Moreover, a glitter swirl will play a role to engage the audience towards your short nail design.

candy colored swirl nails with coffin shape

14. Acrylic Nail Design

Sometimes, transparent short acrylic nails look much better than colored nails. Application of pastel colors and gold flakes over acrylic gel nails is a perfect match to your formal wears.

transparent acrylic nails with nude nail art
creamy french tips on coffin shaped acrylic nails

You can also give it a varied look by painting butterflies on transparent short acrylic nails. Creatures of any type can be drawn!

transparent acrylic nails with polka dots nail art

15. Wedding Nail Art on Short Acrylic Nails

Whether you are going to marry or planning wedding ideas, this nail design is for you. The perfect pink beads or your choice with the same base color is an amazing idea to make your groom stare at you for long!

pink acrylic naills with glitters

16. Baby Flower Nail Design on Short Acrylics

In a world of choices, choose something different. Summer is about flowers and greenery. If you add sky blue with white flowers reflects the past spring is coming back. This feeling is mesmerising as it takes you back to the world of springs.

daisy nail art on blue acrylic nails

17. Fun Summer Nails

Apart from boring and typical nail art, short nails should get a space from it. Think of your favorite characters and paint them on your nails. These can be heart, emojis, characters or anything you might like.

emoji nail art on short acrylics

18. Mist Coffin Nails

Choose your favorite color combination and create a mist out of it. The beautiful mist of two colors seems like a colored smoke emerging from nails. This is an amazing idea for cute summer coffin nails.

short acrylic nails with coffin shape

19. Marble Nail Art on Short Acrylic Nails

Ever imagined rainbow colors in a marble theme? Yes, it works the best on coffin nails. Rainbow is best choice of contrasting colors for summer nail ideas.

colorful ombre nail art on acrylic nails

It may seem odd with different nail art. But, only a nail technician knows how to tackle the colors. The light application of brown with bluish-green checkered short coffin nail design and a grey heart is impeccable!

matte nail art on acrylic with coffin shape

If you want to make it more textured, choose something creative and apply it on nails.

marble nail art on short acrylic nails

21. Nude Marble Nails

Ever think about nude pink? Designing marble with the same base color seems like thin threads floating in the pink solution.

nude marble nail art on short acrylics with coffin shape

22. Black Beauty Short Acrylic Nails

Simplicity is the best policy. If it applies to nails, you will the results. Enabling ring finger look different with black strips make things unique!

black stripes nail art on short acrylics with coffin shape

23. White Leaves on Summer Coffin Nails

White is a sign of peace and pleasant nature. Creating a design in white especially leafy structures on coffin nails is the best idea for short summer nails.

white leaves nail art on acrylics

You can also point out one fingernail by painting leaves on a multi-color base.

short acrylic with ombre and leaves nail art

24. Evil eyes Protective Nails

Keep bad eyes away from you by painting evil eyes on your nails. Moreover, French tips will keep your nails look fresh with white tips. This design is amazing for any hangout!

evil eye nail art on short acrylics with coffin shape
evil eye nail art on short acrylic nails

25. Simple French Tip Short Nail Design

If you are tired of natural nails, simply do it on your own by whitening the French tips of coffin nails. This is for everyday or office routine. Simplicity applies everywhere!

yellow french tips on short acrylic nails

26. Silver Flakes Coffin Nail Art

Short acrylic coffin nails work best with simple nail paint. The application of silver flakes enhance the beauty and give your nail a royal look.

Baby blue short acrylic nails with coffin shape

You can also keep nails plain by just painting nail paint like pink, purple or black.

baby pink acrylics with coffin shape
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