Short nails are more practical and can be fun with different designs. You can be summer nails ready with abstract design and vibrant colors. Besides, you may choose subtle shades with bold designs to mix and match. Here are some short nail design ideas for you to rock this summer.

1. Abstract Leopard

Use black abstract dots to create a leopard design on nails. This will be filled as a short nail design with ample negative spaces.

leopard nail art

2. Short Nail Design with Emoji Art

Give your short nails a make-over with these smiley emoji, flash, fire, and abstract designs in fun colors. You do not need to paint your whole nails for this design.

emoji nail art

3. Bright Orange Mani

This bright orange manicure will add the needed glamour to your short nails. See how the brightness is balanced with minimal orange flower designs on some nails.

short nails with little flower nail art

4. Pastel Nail Color Combos

Here are summer nails with pastel colors to go along with your summer dresses. You can apply these colors in any combination and pattern.

short nails with sunset nail art

5. Spring Short Nail Designs

Keep your nails simple with a solid shade and create a spring flower pattern on two nails to make them stand out. Pay attention to the intricate flower design and details.

spring flower nail art

6. Bold Pink Nails

Here is a no-fuss bright pink summer nails option. These will make any boring summer outfit fun for any outing or evening date. You may keep it subtle by adding pink to one nail and nude to others.

bright pink summer nails
bright pink summer nails

7. Nail Art Mani

You can choose nail art to the rescue when it comes to styling short nails. Apply embellishments and crystals to create this short nail design.

chrome daisy nail art on very short nails

8. Short Nail Design with Artsy Swirls

Pick two to three different shades of nail paints to create artistic swirls in the middle of the nails. And then top it off with a gel coat.

pink swirls on very short nails
pink swirls on very short nails

9. Colorful Gradient Tips

This is a minimal design with different colors in a monochromatic manner. Each finger has french manicure tips with gradient colors. You may use a single color to create transitioning French tips.

neon gradient tips on short summer nails
yellow side tips on short summer nails

10. Blue Summer Nails

Apply a coat of blue nail paint and top it with flower patterns. This will look fantastic with any outfit during the day as well as the night time.

little daisy french tips on summer nails

11. Minimal Mani

Take inspo from these minimal nails with nail art on just two nails. You may apply a nude shade to other nails or keep them clear. Create a similar pattern with a color of your choice.

colorful yin yang nail art on summer nails

12. Half and Half Fun

Paint just half of your every nail to create this look. You may choose more than two colors for a vibrant look.

colorful half nail art summer nails

13. Twisted French Designs

Create slanting lines with different shades instead of a straight French manicure tip. Seal the manicure with a topcoat.

colorful side tips for summer nails
colorful side tips summer nails

14. Subtle Glitter

Apply different pastel nail colors and top them with a shiny topcoat. Add similar leafy designs or show your artistic side and create your own patterns. 

colorful summer nails with leaves

15. Colorful French Tips

If you consider French nails boring, think again. Try these French tips with pastel colors and add a dot of contrasting color at the base of the nails. You may add stars, circles, or moon shapes over the tips.

orange french tips on very short nails
blue french tips on very short nails
gradient dots french tips on summer nails

16. Cloudy Short Nail Design

Look at these perfect summer nails with blue cloudy patterns. Add a matte topcoat for a subtle look.

cloudy nail art on short summer nails

17. Candy Pink Design

Get party-ready with these glittery candy pink nails. Look at the pattern of application that is adding fun negative spaces.

pink rainbow summer nails

18. Boho Nail Design

Have fun with short nails with this blue and white boho design. The geometrical aspect of boho and Aztec designs gives a gorgeous look to the nails. 

boho nail art for very short summer nails

19. Rainbow Inspiration

Everyone must try rainbow design nails at least once. You may choose different colors than the conventional rainbow.

stripes nail art on short summer nails

20. Short Nail Design with Neon Animal Print

The neon animal print in pink looks unbelievably beautiful for short summer nails. You may use neon green, yellow and blue for these designs.

pink animal print nail art on short nails,

21. Sunny Gel Design

Add these vibrant yellow flower patterns with white swirls to your next manicure plan. Layer the designs with a gel coat for a long-lasting manicure.

sunflower nail art on very short nails

22. Pastel Gradient Short Nail Design

Summer nails with light gradient designs look subtle enough for everyday wear. Choose shades of pink, yellow, orange, or blue to create these patterns.  Pastel colors look excellent in summers and give a muted appearance.

colorful swirls on short summer nails

23. Easter Egg Design

Try this short nail design with the easter eggs inspo in shades of pastel yellow, blue, and mint green. Leave enough negative spaces to enhance the designs. You may apply these colors to the whole nail to create a gradient look.

easter eggs naill art on short nails
bright gradient summer nails

24. Sort Nail Design with Flowers

These nails give a spring vibe with the flowery design at the top. The vertical and horizontal lines give more structure to the design. Besides, you may add a tiny flower to each nail for a minimal design. Use dark colors to create these designs for more visibility.

minimalist flower nail art on summer nails
minimalist flower nail art on nude summer nails

25. Short Nail Design with Funky Patterns

Use white to create a base shade for a fun, colorful designs on top. You may create animal print designs or pick abstract designs. See how white brings out the colors even more.

neon cow prints on short summer nails

26. Nude Short Nail Design

If you don’t like vibrant colors, choose these nude and white gradient nails. These are perfect for office and day wear.  You may choose gel or matte finish for these nail colors.

white gradient summer nails

27. Glossy Nail Art

Add a layer of glossy top coat to dotted flower designs. Apart from black and white, you may use contrasting colors to create these lines.

minimalist flower design on short summer nails

28. Short Nail Design with Circular Patterns

Create vibrant circular and semi-circular patterns with different colors on pastel nail color bases. With a light color base, other colors will appear brighter. All these colors balance each other well.

neon rainbow nail art on short summer nails
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