Are you bored with long nails? Consider switching to a shorter shape that is more practical, cleaner and easier to maintain. Short nails are as playful as long ones when you add the fun of ombre to them. All you need is a small sponge, and you can try to DIY ombre nails at home by yourself! Paint one side of the sponge with your preferred nail polish colors of two or three, and apply it on your nails several times. Given below are some ombre nail art ideas that may inspire your next manicure.

1. Pastel Ombre Nail Art for Coffin Shape

With heart and star details over pink and purple shades, you can create a subtle pastel impact on your nail-art. The simplicity of pastel shades keeps this nail design trendy and suitable for summers. Besides short coffin nail shape is amazing for ombre design.

pink pastel tones ombre nail art on short coffin nails

2. Sparkly Short Nails

You can never go wrong with sparkly manicures. The subtle sparkles over bright crimson shade will make your nails party-ready. You may add studs, rhinestone details on one nail for a little drama.

sunset ombre nail art with studs on

3. Orange Sunset Ombre Nails

Have you ever wanted orange hues of sunset on your nails? The orange and yellow ombre nails are just perfect for that. Add flowers and paint one nail inspired by the golden hour to show your creativity.

4. Hot Summer Flames Ombre Nails

Pink and orange may seem bright to some people. However, the black flames over orange and pink ombre nails create a perfect fire design.

black flame nail art on pink and orange short ombre nails

5. Black and White Ombre Nail-Art

If you cannot decide which shade to pick, the good news is you may get a different short nail design for both hands. Black ombre on one and white on another give the almond nails a classy look.

black and white ombre nail art on almond shaped nails

6. Sunny Yellow Short Ombre Nails

Ombre yellow nails are ideal for those looking for a simple mani. You do not need to add too many colors to create this look. Look how this design looks amazing on short coffin nails.

nude and yellow ombre nail art on short coffin nails

7. Short Pastel Nails

Combine pink, yellow, blue, and purple for subtle pastel nails. With a glossy top coat, these nails look easy to maintain. You may choose one shade to get simple pastel nails.

colorful pastel ombre nail art on almond shaped nails
colorful pastel ombre nail art on short nails
pastel pink ombre nails with almond shape

8. Clean Blue Nails

Add different shades of blue for a faded ombre look. These almond nails are perfect for work and everyday wear.

white and blue ombre nail art with almond shape

9. Red Devil Ombre Nails

Who said you could not combine two powerful shades for an ombre. The black ombre over bright red nails is the perfect description of devil inspired short nail design.

red and black ombre nails

10. Colorful Matte Ombre

Almond nails with matte shades of purple, yellow, green, pink, and rhinestones on top is just what you need for your next mani.

colorful matte ombre nail art with studs

11. Grey and Brown Coffin Nails

The cool tones of grey and muted brown make it a perfect ombre for work. Add a clear glossy top coat to make the mani last longer.

grey and brown pastel ombre nail art

12. Rhinestone Nail Magic

These coffin nails with different rhinestone placements are something you may not be able to take your eyes away. The yellow under sparkly rhinestones adds to the drama.

nude and yellow ombre nail art with studs on coffin nails

13. Baby Pink Nails

Add a generous white to turn bright pink ombre into baby pink ones. This will go with any shape of nails.

white and pink ombre nails with almond shape
pink tones ombre nails on coffin nails

14. Peachy Vibes

One cannot go wrong with peachy summer nails. The glossy addition in the top layer complements the peach manicure powerfully.

french ombre manicure on short nails
peach orange ombre nails with coffin shape
peach orange ombre nails with almond shape

15. Spring Neon Ombre Nails with Coffin Shape

If you are bored with pink nails, experiment with these green and blue neon nails. Add tiny silver glitter hearts to make your nails stand out.

green and blue neon ombre nails with coffin shape
nude and purple ombre nails with almond shape

16. Yellow and Purple Nails

Try the bright combination of yellow and purple ombre. Paint two nails with dominant colors and add ombre designs to the other three for a balanced look.

yellow and purple ombre nails with almond shape

17. French Ombre Manicure

French ombre mani is perfect when you are bored with the traditional approach. Add different shades on each nail for the french tip. Keep the edges clean and top with a clear coat for the perfect short nail design.

french ombre nails with almond shape
colorful ombre french tips with almond shape

18. Rainbow Ombre Nails

The rainbow ombre design looks great on almond nails. Add a sparkly topcoat to the nails for a glam look. You may freehand black and white lines over the nails to create a unique short nail design.

glittery colorful ombre nails with almond shape

19. Glossy Brown Ombre Nails

These nail designs will make anyone gasp with the glossy brown ombre design. The transition of dark brown to nude brown is simple yet so chic. This is different from traditional ombre nails and easier to recreate, even for beginners.

mocha shades ombre nails with almond shape

20. Red Glitter Tips

If you are looking for glitter ombre nails, consider experimenting with red over the tips. There are no rules to add the glitter; just keep it over the tips to create a stunning ombre effect.

red glitter ombre nails with almond shape

21. Gel Pastel Ombre Nails

Gel nails are long-lasting and do not require too much care. Add different pastel gel nail colors and blend them into short nails.

colorful spring nails with ombre nail art

22. Orange Glossy Nails

Create a simple ombre with orange and pink colors on your almond shaped nail. Add a glossy coat to make everyone gaga over your summer nails.

pink and orange ombre manicure

23. Tequila Sunrise Ombre Nails

Let your favorite cocktail inspire your nails. Clean French tips in orange, yellow, and pink will look incredible for your next clubbing event. Needless to say, how fun and picture-ready you will look with these nails.

ombre french tips with pink, orange and yellow sunset colors

24. Soft Ombre Gradient

If you like simple nail-art, use different colors for each nail to add soft ombre gradient in pink, blue, and purple.

pink and blue pastel ombre manicure

25. White Glitter Ombre

White nails look classy regardless of the weather and outfit. Add golden glitter or pick a holographic one as a topcoat for white ombre.

nude and white ombre french tips
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