Summer nail design is a great way of expressing love through manicure and nail art. If you are struggling for a good choice of colors, here, you will find a great range of colors, summer nails and ideas to carry each nail shape whether it is coffin nail, square shape or almond nail. Scroll down to get an amazing idea for your short summer nails:

1. Summer Flower Tips for Short Square Nails

You haven’t seen such French tips before because they are unique and uncommon. Make it known to others by designing different flowers on the nail’s tip.

french tips with little flowers

2. Pastel Drip Summer Nail Design

Keep your square nail base nude, and allow the purple pastel to drip from the tip. The amazing creature will begin to form on your summer nails.

nude and pink minimalist nail art for summer
pastel colored minimalist nail art for summer
colorful minimalist nail art on short square naills

3. Dual Nail Art for Summer Nails

Pick up your favorite colors and make a match of design. The beautiful dotted pattern with orange looks marvellous with rose pink.

easter egg nail art on short summer nails
polka dots nail art with dotting tool for summer

4. Trendy Lime Almond Nails

Almond nails are prettier than any other nail shape due to their amazing almond shape. However, a mixed lime and green gel lining are great to show summer love on summer nails.

summer nail design with neon yellow and green stripe

5. White Love for Square Nails

Keep the base simple by painting white nail paint and drawing beautiful eye design on square nails is perfect for a teenage girl especially for hangouts and coaching centers.

white nails with black polka dots and chiara ferragni eye design

6. Pastel Polka Summer Nail Designs

Let the shine spread on oval nails with shining glamour on the nude base color. The addition of pastel polka dots, enhance the perfectionism.

nude almond nails with pastel polka dots

7. Pastel Flowers on Square Nails

Choose your favorite flower design and paint it with a beautiful pastel color range. It seems like floating flowers.

nude square nails with pastel flower nail art

You can also choose your favorite single color and let other flowers drawn with it.

purple flower nail art on short square nails
little flower nail art on short nude nails

8. Colorful French Tips on Square Nails

Creativity on French tips can be done in various ways. However, animal skin print goes perfect here. Cow print will go viral due to its amazing patches of colors.

colorful cow pattern nail art on french tips
pink cow print nail art for summer

9. Rainbow Summer Nail Design

These are the easiest and cutest nail art. Save your time and energy by painting simple colors. However, a little emerging rainbow on the ring finger will make it prominent.

colorful summer nail design with rainbow nail art

10. Terrazzo Summer Nail Design

Transparent nails are trending as it distinctly makes art visible. Short summer nail designs look pretty with the chunks of gold flakes. This is called terrazzo nail art, and it is perfect for summer nails.

terrazo nail art for summer

11. Duo Summer French Tips

Summer nail design demands peaceful and light colors. The mismatching pastel french tips look great on their opposite sides.

colorful duo color french tips for summer
pastel color side tips on nude summer nails
colorful french tips on nude summer nails

12. Summer Nail Design with Purple Swirls

Make regular motions of your favorite nail paint and contrast with another mismatching color. It looks great on coffin nails!

Pink Swirls on summer nails
rainbow swirls on summer nails

13. Checkered Almond Nails

The beautiful tiny checkered summer nail design with a combination of blue and white is a great way to fill almond nails.

checkered nail art on summer nails
checkered and swirly nail art for summer

14. Neon Flames on Square Nails

Summer nails are short and less messy. However, a carefully drawn flame design with yellow neon colors shines bright with elegance!

yellow flame nail art on short square nails

15. Multi-Layered French Tip for Summer Nails

Instead of swirls on the nailbed, try the same swirls on the nail tip. It will come up with an amazing creation of layered colors lying on one another.

pink french swirls nail art for summer nails

16. Half-Cut French Tip for Summer Nails

Make your almond nails prettier with half french tips design. This is an amazing way to cover up almond tip for your short nails.

neon pink and green side tips on summer nails

17.  Rainbow Sides For Square Nails

Make your favorite contrasts of pastels and make lines with a thin brush. The satisfying side lines will make you come back again and again to it.

rainbow side tips nail art on summer nails

18. Minimal Short Summer Nails

For gorgeous summer nails, keep your nails as simple as possible. Add a little chunk of beads to give it an embellished look.

minimalist french nail art for summer nail design

19. Crazy Nail Art for Summer Nails

Let the shine of bright colors sparkle the summer vibes of yours with amazingly bright, beautiful and funky colors.

colorful minimalist nail art with polka dots
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