Most women prefer short nails over long nails because they are less likely to be broken or fall out. Short nails come in wide range and colors, from simple to complicated designs especially in summer time. If you love short nails and struggling in between colors and print design, scroll down to see amazing color contrasts and summer nail designs for 2021.

1. Easy Nail Art for Short Summer Nails

Short nails are not difficult to handle and yet amazing. You can create a pastel drip design with cute pastel colors.

pastel abstract nail art for summer

2. Minted petals for Summer Nail Designs

Mint color is both appealing and attractive for short nail designs. Make petals around the corners of nails that look like an irregular petal texture.

abstract mint nail art on short nails

3. Abstract Flower Art for Short Summer Nails

Make abstract art and make people confuse by you. This design is a mystery on its own!

abstract flower nail art on short nails

4. Short Nails Overlapped Flowers Nail Art

Beautiful pastel daisies showing off an amazing flower arch by being overlap on each other. This is one of the most unique and amazing summer nail designs!

minimalist overlapped flower nail art on short nails

You can also try dotted petals to create an elevated look to your short nails.

minimalist floral nail art on short nails

5. Little Heart Summer Nail Design

Those girls who are in their teenage, will love this heart theme on short summer nails. It is both expressing and impressive.

little colored hearts on summer nails

6. Dual Pastel Curves on Short Nails

Make pastel curves and cover up your nail bed space. This is an amazing pastel design for summer nail designs.

side tip nail art on short summer nails

7. Funky Pastel French On Short Nails

You have not seen these unique French tips before. İnstead of simple nail art, make it more creative by little swirls on the French tip.

colorful funky french tips on short summer nails

8. Short Lemon Square Nails

Make your nails look more natural by painting cute pastel lemons. The entire design is a unique idea!

lemon nail art on short summer nails

9. Pretty Devil Eyes Summer Nail Designs

Protect your nails from bad eyes by builting a circle with golden glitter on a nude base.

devils eye nail art on short summer nails

10.  Colored French Tips

If you are in hurry, simply fill your nail tips with suiting color and get set ready!

neon orange french tips on summer nails
colorful french tips on short summer nails
ombre french tips on summer nails

11. Dotted French Tips

You can make a dotted boundary around the tip arch.

neon pink side tips on summer nails
dotted side tips on short summer nails
dotted french tips on short summer nails

12. Rainbow Nails

Make several lines of pastels and it will come out into a beautiful side tip overlapped with different colors.

pastel rainbow nails for summer
Creamy rainbow nails for summer

13. Creamy Short Oval Nails

Keep your nails short and minimal by sparkling glitter on a nude base.

creamy nude manicure with gold dots

14. Asymmetric Swirls on Square Nails

Make beautiful contrast of strawberry pink with creamy delight color. Make irregular swirls and it looks like a DNA helix.

swirl nails for summer
Swirl Nails for Summer

15. Scratch the Nail Paint

Create a mystery theme and uncoat pink color with dark green. It’s amazing!

abstract nails for summer
abstract nails with brush splash nail art on summer nails

16. Doodle Nail Art for Short Nails

Make creative watermelon chunks on short nails. It is an amazing nail art for little girls.

neon abstract nails for summer

17. Single Heart Nail Art

Paint your summer nail with plain nail paint and make a little heart near to tip. This is amazing!

pastel nail with little heart nail art

18. Papaya Nails for Summer Nail Designs

Yellow is though fresh and bright for summer. Make your summer nails close to nature by painting papaya and leaves on them.

summer nail design with leaves

19. Pastel Flames On Short Oval Nails

Flames nails are trending everywhere because they look great in pastel and give a texture of colored flame emerging out.

colorful flame nail art for summer

20. Strawberry Summer Nail Design

Short nails with little strawberries give the whole nail a strawberry appearance. Moreover, making tips green like strawberry leave is an amazing idea to grab for season nails.

strawberry nail art for summer
summer nail designs 2021

21. Matte Summer Nail Designs

Although matte is without shine and a lustrous appearance, but it is amazing and goes with every skin tone. Plain color is enough to throw parties!

neon pink summer nails
summer nail designs 2021

22. Daisies Short Summer Nail Designs

Tea pink always go right with white due to color’s understanding. However, the addition of white daisies is enough to cool summer heat!

daisy nail art on short nails

23. Terrazzo and Leopard Nails

If you are tired of real leopard skin make it funky with your favorite colors. Leopard is not limited to black and brown for summer nails. Choose colors and make it different!

terrazzo and leopard nail art for summer

24. Bee Abstract Nail Art

Bee abstract is just a nail art for your nails that will make colors collaborate in such a way that will give a picture of bees. But in reality, it will not a bee. However, you can make a real bee if you want.

bee abstract nail art for summer

25. Patched Nail Art

Make patches of dark colors on the nail bed. It is an easy and time saving short nail design.

pink abstract nail art on short summer nails

26. Nude Nail Art for Summer Nail Designs

Keep nails nude and make ring finger prominent with creative design in white.

snake nail art with dots on short summer nails

27. Cow and Zebra Print Mix Summer Nail Designs

After leopard and cow, zebra skin is trending due to its fine lining. Make a mix of it!

cow and zebra pattern nail art on short summer nails

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