The summer nails seem to be light and pale-colored but, there is a situation where bright colors are preferred too. Whether it’s a small gathering or casual wearing, manicure is needed. We have a variety of short nail designs from simple to complex, from trendy to classic french tips. A wide range of almond or oval shaped nails is described from where you can get an idea of color schemes and designs. Scroll down to see the most exciting and vibrant colors of summer with great ideas!

1. Tie-Dye Swirls on Almond Nails

Don’t stick to one design, swirl the paints wherever it leads you. This is easy to design and amazing in look. Swirly nail art is great for short nail design.

tie dye short nail design

2. Checker Lines on Almond Nails

Pick up your detail nail art brush, draw vertical lines and make little boxes. The basket of grapes makes the best combination with sky blue and glitters.

grape nail art on almond nails

3. Summer Thirst on Almond Nails

Break the thirst of your summer nail art with a watermelon paint design. The perfect look of pastel watermelon is an amazing way to elaborate ring finger. This minimalist nail art is a perfect example of short nail design.

watermelon nail art on short almond nails

4. Pineapple Glamour Oval  Nails

Show your glamour and be the star of the show by adding glitter to pineapple on short oval nails. Enjoy parties by designing summer nail art. Pineapple is an easy nail art, and can be applied as short nail design.

pineapple nail art on short almond nails

5. Riped Pineapple Almond Nails

Ripe your favorite fruit and get it done on almond nails. This design will be going trendy on #summernailideas due to its bright shiny mustard color.

pineapple nail art on short almond nails

6. Chunky Pineapples on Almond Nails

Add baby pineapples in combination with banana paint color. The love of pink can’t be diminished until it’s not pastel. Add it to enhance appearance.

pineapple nail art on short almond nails

7. Tooty Fruity Summer Almond Nails

Get a break from decent colors and use sharp funky colors and add a bit of fruity colors to the summer nail art.

pineapple and rainbow nail art on short almond nails

8. Short Beach Nails

Add fun to your nails by using beach creatures. Create a view sea on one hand and pastel sand by painting catchy shells. This view is an amazing idea for great summer nail art with almond shape!

palm tree and shell nail art on short almond nails

9. Ocean Inspired Summer Nail Art

Don’t go with boring almond nails, rock with beautiful colors and art. Under the sea view where starfish raising bubbles on its peak. Which color did you want to see in fishes?

beach nails with star fish and coral nail art
starfish nail art on short almond nails

10. Shimmered Summer Beach Nails

Create your ocean of love and peace on almond nails and symbolize it through nail art! This is an amazing short nail design example for beach time.

ocean nail art on short beach nails

11. Seashell Beach Nails

2D seashell nails have no comparison. Especially, when paired with beautiful sky blue. The classic summer nail art with almond shape can never go wrong!

seashell nail art for summer

12. Hollow Beach Summer Nails

Apart from the sea view, what if you would add more sand? Allow your summer nail art to be prettier and clearer with creative beach sand layers.

short almond shaped beach nails

13. Ocean Summer Nails

You can’t stop your lust and obsession for these ocean nails. Calm your soul with these ocean vibes!

short almond shaped ocean nails
short almond shaped ocean nails
short almond shape ocean nails

14. Floral Summer Nails

Enrich your summer days with red flowers in combination with white florals. Apply green to magnify the strength of these flowers.

short almond nails with floral design

To change the color theme, look at the beautiful tea pink spreading peace!

short almond nails with floral nail art
short almond shaped floral nails

15. Strawberry Red Summer Nails

Contrast red with orange by doing half nail art. This is an easy, simple and unique pair of summer nail ideas!

short almond shped summer nails
mustard yellow nails with almond shape
orange gradient summer nails

16. Dahlia and Dalmatian Summer Nails

A beautiful combination of bright pastel orange with dog print. Nothing can be more soothing and satisfying than beautiful color contrast.

dalmatian nail art on short almond nails

17. Character Mustard Nails

Present your story or illustrate a woman by drawing face characters on mustard almond nails. a little glamour of bright yellow is enough to lighten up your summer!

abstract nail art on short almond nails
abstract faces nail art on short almond nails

18. Swirls on Almond Summer Nails

The beautiful light and bright pastel orange swirls is an amazing idea for summer nails. The light combination of Almond nails is more appealing and attractive than other base colors!

orange swirl nails with almond shape
blue swirl nails with almond shape

19. Orange Inky Floral Summer Nails

This is unique and interesting to use colored inks on almond nails. The beautiful make of flowers blend with orange ink is pure and spotless!

orange inky floral nail art on short almond nails for summer

20. Pastel Squiggles on Almond Nails

Pastels, vivid colors counted together in the form of squiggles, flourishes, irregular lines, spots, drops and whatever plays in the soul.

pink and blue swirl nails with almond shape

21. Funky French Tips on Almond Summer Nails

Come out of simple French tips, and show some creativity like this. This is how you create french tips with a little chunk of clever ideas.

swirly french tips on short almond nails
pastel color french tips on short almond nails

For color variations in French tips, see this simple design for a casual routine.

colorful french tips on short almond nails

22. Abstract Summer Nails

Compile colors and make up art on almond nails. This will come out as an amazing experience with different colors, adding spark to the boring summer nails.

colorful abstract nails with almond shape

The choice of orange with bright magenta and a gold flake has an extra touch of innovation and artistry!

colorful abstract nails with almond shape for summer

23. Evil Eyes Off Summer Nails

Keep evil eyes off and save yourself from bad eyes by designing evil eye tips on almond nails. the metallic lustrous appearance is giving a bit of sunshine and make you strong enough to bear hot sun!

evil eyes nail art on short summer nails

24. Splash of Colors to Beautiful Almond Nails

Pick up your favorite colors and drop a splash of funky colors. It really looks like nature has dropped a colorful rain onto summer almond nails.

colorful summer nails with almond shape

25. Sunny Almond  Nails

Let the summer drop its hazy sunshine onto your almond nails. Amazingly created hand-made pastel sun is a great way of showing off summer nails.

almond shaped summer nails with sunshine nail art

26. Cocktail Oval Nails

Pick up fresh colors from the nail paint drawer and simply apply them to nails. Your summer nails are ready for fresh summer vibes.

sunset nail art on short almond nails for summer

27. Beach Almond Nails

Let’s move to the beach for some time and enjoy the summer holidays! Make a plan and paint summer beach on nails with flying birds in the blue sky.

ocean nail art on short almond nails

28. Rainbow French Almond Tips

Elevate your French tips with vibrant colors. This is an amazing idea to blend colors with no ambiguity!

short nail design with rainbow french tips
short nail design of rainbow french tips

29. Bubble Print on Almond Nails

Vibrant bubbles enclosed in a shiny cuticle seems like bubbles of gas in the balloon. An amazing idea for summer nails!

colorful dots on short almond nails
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